Support Mounts to Move Illinois Primary to March

-By Warner Todd Huston

I expect that this will happen sooner rather than later, but it looks like very few people want to leave the Illinois primary at the ridiculously early February date. It seems fairly obvious that the primary will end up moved back to March like it was before.

Of course, the sad thing is that no one is focusing on why it was moved to February in the first place. It was a cynical ploy by the Illinois Democrat Party to nominate Barack OBama early to help his presidential campaign.

As always, Democrats only care what warped *new* “rules” they can make up out of their rear-ends in order to push their agenda. Logical, common sense, and tradition means nothing to a Democrat.

They will warp anything to further their agenda, just anything. And now Democrats are blandly saying, “gosh, yeah let’s move it back to March,” as if they had nothing to do with the move in the first place. And the media are letting them get away with it.

But not here, folks. We won’t let them get away without the blame they deserve. Democrats are responsible for that debacle. And don’t you forget it.

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