Palatine Tea Party: Healthcare Protest At Rep. Bean's Offices

-By Warner Todd Huston

The folks at the Palatine Tea Party has some good video and photos of the protest outside Representative Melissa Bean’s offices (D, 8th District).

The protest was held at noon on Monday, March 15.

It is plain that it wasn’t just 10 or 20 folks but at least 100 that showed up in the middle of a weekday to protest the communist takeover of our healthcare system by Obama’s government.

If the left is fooling itself into imagining that the tea party groups and the anti-Obamacare sentiment expressed here is nothing to worry about, they have another think coming.

Video Part I


Sadly, Democrats do not care what the American people think. They want this communist takeover of our healthcare system and they don’t care if they lose a few seats in Congress to get it. To Democrats, hard-core, socialism is far more important than actually voting for what the American people want.

(If my stinking car wasn’t in the shop, I’d have been there myself!)

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