Isaac Hayes for Congress: Pelosi's Blitzkrieg to Government Medicine

From the Hays for Congress (2nd District) campaign…

CHICAGO: The following statement was released today by Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, GOP nominee for Congress in IL-2, in response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s move to use the “self-executing rule”.

Speaker Pelosi has yet to secure the necessary votes in the House of Representative to pass the Senate’s version of health care reform. The Wall Street Journal reports the Speaker could ask the House Rules Committee to change the rules that would allow the House to vote on the reconciliation measures without voting on the actual Senate version.

Hayes said, “the Speaker is not listening. America has said no for more than a year, yet she is stealthily considering the self-executing rule to march toward government controlled health care against their will.”

According to Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution, for a bill to become law it “shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate.” It is unclear whether or not President Obama supports this procedure.

“Speaker Pelosi is not only breaking through the will of the American people, but she is now waging a lightning war on the Constitution,” said Hayes. “President Obama called for Congress to vote on the Senate bill as the Constitution requires, but Mrs. Pelosi is moving swiftly to deliver a knockout blow to liberty before the Easter recess.”

For more information see Slaughter House Rules.

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