Fact vs. Fiction: What You Should Know About Obamacare

From the Walsh for Congress (8th District) campaign…

Fiction: You can keep your existing coverage.

Fact: Wrong. If government insurance is less expensive to employers (who are already paying for it with their taxes) many will drop their current plans in favor of the less expensive, government-run plan. Private sector insurance will not be able to compete with the unlimited funding and will go under further increasing the states’ Medicaid burden.

Fiction: Care will not be rationed.

Fact: Wrong. The House version would establish a new tax on every health insurance policy to fund 111 new federal bureau­cracies including the Health Benefits Advisory Commit­tee that would be tasked with deciding which treatments are more cost-effective. The research findings would be used by the government to ration care.

Fiction: The estimated $1.052 trillion bill will reduce deficits by $139 billion and reduce health care costs.

Fact: Wrong. The Illinois Policy Institute estimates national health care expenditures to increase by an additional 9% by 2019 adding at least $1.3 trillion burden on the American middle class over the next ten years. Overall, total federal spending will be 5.6% higher than otherwise by 2019 and medical price inflation will increase by 5.2% above what it would have been otherwise by 2019.

Fiction: The majority of American people are for this health care bill.

Fact: Wrong. For instance, 55 percent of respondents to a recent CNN poll think the U.S. health care system needs a great deal of reform. Yet, more than eight in ten Americans also said they’re satisfied with the quality of health care they re­ceive. In conclusion Americans may want health care reform but they don’t want this bill that will disrupt their current quality of care.

Fiction: The health care bill will create jobs.

Fact: Wrong. By 2019 the US economic growth will be reduced by 4.9 % reducing employ­ment growth by 3.9 million jobs nation­ally. The reform bill would have a negative effect on small businesses which create 60 – 80 percent of new jobs in our economy. Additionally, the 8% payroll surtax has no small business exemption, meaning employers with an average of 17 employees or more who can’t afford the mandated coverage are subject to an 8% payroll tax that would impose a combined $153 billion tax on small businesses. The Illinois Policy Institute reports a loss of 169,000 jobs in Illinois alone.

Fiction: Seniors will keep their Medicaid coverage.

Fact: Wrong. Over the next ten years the Congressional Budget Office estimates the bill would make $550 billion in cuts to Medicare with more than $150 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage causing many plans to limit benefits, raise premiums or withdraw from the program forcing millions of seniors out of their current coverage.

Fiction: Including abortion coverage will cut down on unwanted births and lower overall health care costs.

Fact: Wrong. Not only is federally funding abortions demoralizing to our entire society as a whole, but the procedure is expensive now and could continue to cost money for decades. Finally, in a study of teenage abortion patients, who would be most likely to receive funding, half suffered a worsening of psychosocial functioning within 7 months after the abortion. The symptoms included self-reproach, depression, social regression, withdrawal, hasty marriages and obsession with need to become pregnant again which starts the process and spending all over again.

Fiction: Melissa Bean is representing your concerns about this bill.

Fact: Party over the People. We can’t afford Melissa Bean in Congress.


The Aftereffects of Abortion

Harvard School of Public Health

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

IPI Study: Adding Insult to Injury (.PDF File)

The Health Care Reform and Affordability Act, H.R. HR3962

Joe Walsh is the Republican candidate running against Democrat incumbent Melissa Bean in 2010 for the Illinois 8th Congressional District. Born and raised in North Barrington, a policy advocate, teacher, and business entrepreneur, Joe has spent his adult life advancing limited-government and conservative principles. For more information on Joe Walsh and his campaign visit



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  • Wow, how am I the only commenter? This is obviously an opinion piece masquerading as fact. Example: healthcare covering abortion will morally corrupt our society. I'm not even going to go head to head on this because you are entitled to your opinion, but I hope no one reads this article as some kind of unbiased fact sheet.

    Readers - if you are really curious as to the repercussions of the healthcare reform bill, I urge you to look at the numbers and cross check with a more neutral view. Here is one: http://www.mint.com/blog/trends/health-care-reform-impact/

  • You, m'am, are utterly disingenuous. You claim the piece from the Walsh campaign above is "just opinion" then you send us to a site that got all its info from the White House website!!! Yeah, THAT isn't too biased, eh? Try again, hypocrite.

  • And on top of it, you're rude. Mint is a personal finance website geared toward people who are looking out for their finances, not moral guidance. Of course to discuss the Obama place, information is going to be obtained from the White House. If you're going to critique something, go to the source. Example: if I were to write an article criticizing a book, I wouldn't quote Cliff's Notes or heresy.

    I can say all kinds of things are facts: women should have access to quality, complete healthcare and the decisions they make with their bodies are immune to your moral litmus. That is my opinion. But as an educated person I am aware enough to know the difference between "facts" and opinions, which you obviously do not.

  • *place = plan, sorry for the typo

  • The site you gave linked straight to the White House website and cited the White House web site as its source of info. So, yes, your source is left-wing biased and not in any way an unbiased news source.

    We KNOW that Obama has lied about this bill. Obama has not told a single bit of truth selling this destruction of our healthcare system and this communist plan is nothing like what he keeps saying it is. The biggest lie is "you can keep your doctor if you want to." This is simply untrue. Many millions of Americans will LOSE their health plan as soon as this destructive bill is implemented.

    Obama wants a single payer helthcare plan. He wants Insurance eliminated. He wants employer healthcare plans eliminated. He wants all doctors and nurses to be employees of the state. He WILL implement "death panels," there WILL be rationing, costs WILL go up exponentially, and we will have worse healthcare. This is what Obama wants and THAT is what this bill does.

    As to being rude... I am sorry you feel that way, but when someone comes here and acts the hypocrite then I have to call them on it. Your source is just as biased to the left as you claim the above press release is biased to the right. So, your castigation is hypocritical all the way through.

  • So you're agreeing your piece is opinion? That's fine, that's what your blog is for. Say it until you're blue in the face - you certainly have the freedom to do so. It's just sad because some people will read this truly believing it is fact. You seem to be missing my point, so I will not belabor it further.

    Here is an article you may enjoy: http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/10_11/b4170032321836.htm

  • Thanks for the link. However, it has little to do with the opinion piece from the Walsh campaign above. No one on either side of the debate is saying that the costs in American helathcare is perfectly fine! So, your article is a red herring. Of COURSE the costs of our healthcare are out of line. But what is the reason for that? The reason for that is GOVERNMENT and adding even more government to our healthcare will only make matters worse, not better. If you are for Obama's takeover of healthcare, you will be FOR the increasing of costs. Are you for increasing costs?

  • You know, I'll be honest with you. If my costs increase, but it means every American has access to basic healthcare, I'll be happy. These are *our* people. We all belong to each other. We all suffer. We need a solution that is good for everyone.

    You and I have a fundamental difference of . . . say it with me . . . opinion!

    Okay, my child is awake now and I can't babysit this thread all day. Have a nice afternoon.

  • Yes, it would be nice if "every American had basic healthcare." First of all, every American already HAS it. Secondly, Obamacare will deny millions of your fellow citizens needs for healthcare. The sickest Americans will be denied needed healthcare by government. If you are OK with Doctor Obama telling your neighbor that his medical care is just too expensive... well, then that is an opinion I just cannot share.

    Anyway, do enjoy your youngster there. They grow up so darn fast. I cannot believe that mine are all adults already!!

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