Election Poll: Walsh, Kinzinger, Hultgren in the Lead

-By Warner Todd Huston

We Ask America recently posted the results of a head-to-head pollIn the other two races, Dold (10th) and Schilling (17th) are down with Dold down by less than three percent.

All the candidates, though, have a bit of convincing to do as the undecideds were in the 20 percent range in four of the five races.

Interestingly, Bob Dold (10th) is practically an unknown compared to Democrat Dan Seals who has been before the voters several times in the past. Dold stands at 37.36% to Seals’ 40.09% in the poll. This race did not have an undecided report.

Adam Kinzinger (11th) is really swamping incumbent Democrat Debbie Halvorson according to the poll. Kinzinger stands at 42.04% to Halvorson’s dismal 30.22%.

Randy Hultgren (14th) holds a slight lead over incumbent Democrat Bill Foster with 37.82% to Foster’s 36.47%.

Still, with up to 26% undecided none of the leaders can rest easy.

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