8th District Race: Walsh Address His Foreclosure Issue

-By Warner Todd Huston

Joe Walsh, the GOP nominee for the 8th District Congressional seat, sat down with the folks at the Daily Herald to talk about the 2009 foreclosure on his Winnetka condo that recently became widely known.

Walsh’s version of the final analysis is that this bank foreclosure on his Winnetka condo makes him just like a lot of Americans that lost their homes due to this bad economy and as a Congressman he’ll be in a position to do something about it.

The Daily Herald, though, was skeptical that Walsh, with a current rent payment of $3,300 a month, could be an “average Joe.” They peppered Walsh with questions asking how he could claim not to be a rich man with such an expensive rent payment?

Walsh admitted that he overextended himself financially but did so because he didn’t want to leave the area in which his ex-wife and kids lived. He said he had promised not to leave his kids and wanted to stay as near as possible to them.

The big question that the Herald folks had is if Walsh felt embarrassed by the foreclosure. He said he didn’t.

My big question is if he can afford to fund the required two homes, one in Washington and one here in his district, if he were to win the seat?

As to the foreclosure itself I have less trouble knowing he had one (it is common and not necessarily an indication of a “bad” person), but more that it wasn’t widely known until after the primary. I had a feeling that Mr. Walsh was not vetted very thoroughly by his supporters and this just lends credence to that feeling.

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