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Truth In Accounting News

From the Institute for Truth in Accounting… Watch Sheila on Chicago CBS 2’s Monsters & Money Today, Sheila Weinberg, founder & CEO of the Institute for Truth in Accounting, was a guest on Chicago’s CBS Channel 2 show, Monsters & Money in the Morning. You can watch her appearance by clicking here. Sheila joined Terry... Read more »

GOP's Hayes: Coastal Drilling Long Welcomed News

From the Hayes for Congress campaign (2nd District)… CHICAGO: The following statement was released today by Isaac Hayes, GOP Nominee for Congress in Illinois’ 2nd district, in response to President Obama’s announcement to open American coastlines to oil and natural gas drilling. “The President’s announcement to allow drilling along America’s coastline is long welcomed news.... Read more »

Those Unhinged 'Tea Baggers' Are so Un-American

I am about sick to my stomach over all the ill-tempered protest signs and the over-the-top rhetoric from all these “tea baggers,” man. It’s a good thing that the left is so patriotic and level-headed. Why THEY would NEVER act like morons, half-wits, and the unhinged. They are logical, dispassionate, intellectual even. Leftists are all... Read more »

La Amistad: How the AP Commonly Muffs American History

-By Warner Todd Huston The Associated Press has a famous book on grammar and style that its news writers use to govern their work, a book that is also popular with the whole American news industry. It has served as a standard for many years. The AP, however, seems to have no style or rule... Read more »

Charlie Chaplin is NEO in... The Matrix: 1905

And now for this entertainment interlude… It’s all happened before… ya know?

Father of Fallen Marine Forced to Pay Creep's Court Costs

-By Warner Todd Huston The creeps at the Westboro Abomination are at it again, this time finding a compliant judge to force the father of a fallen Marine to pay their further court costs from a recent case. On March 6, 2006 Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder of Finksburg, Maryland lost his life in Al... Read more »

Obama To Take Over Control of College Textbooks?

-By Warner Todd Huston Candace de Russy over at National Review posted an alarming example of Obama power grab. Or perhaps more precisely it’s yet another alarming example of an Obama power grab. This time Obama apparently is setting the table to take control of what is printed in our nation’s college textbooks. This one... Read more »

The New Dem. Lt. Gov. Candidate's Anti-Catholic Song

-By Warner Todd Huston On March 27, Jeff Finley of the Pioneer Press made an interesting discovery when looking up info on the Democrat’s new pick for Lt. Governor, Sheila Simon. Apparently Sheila’s 5-piece, all-girl band named the Loose Gravel Girls has an anti-Catholic, Pope bashing song in its play list. The song titled “Pope... Read more »

State Refuses to Pay for Blago Portrait

Indignity upon indignity has been heaped upon our one-time Governor, Rod “They’re Out To Get Me” Blagojevich. And now one more link has been added to his Marley chain burden. The state legislature is refusing to pay for the oil painting of Blago to hang in the hall of governors in Springfield. SAY IT AIN’T... Read more »

Bean The Progressive

From the Palatine Tea Party… March 29, 2010 – Beans healthcare vote of “yes” is just another vote among other votes over the last year which the voters in her district continue to reject. Her voting record is that of a far left progressive. This is not a progressive district and she continues to follow... Read more »