Tag: Skyrocketing Chicago Crime

This week’s "Public Affairs" show features Part 2 of Jeff Berkowitz’s interview with Paul Vallas, a possible candidate to run for Chicago Mayor in the February, 2023 election contest.

Mr. Vallas said in Part 1 of the interview, “We’ll make our decision [about a Chicago Mayoral run] before Memorial Day but we are close to giving it the greenlight.” Part 2 of the interview includes detailed discussions of Vallas’ fixes of CPS’ failing performance amid excessive and growing spending per kid per year; Vallas’... Read more »

An IL GOP Agenda to achieve sharp cuts in violent crime, big improvements in K-12 education quality, more K-12 parental control, big decreases in property taxes, and to fix the IL pension shortfall, without raising taxes: cable and web

This week’s “Public Affairs” features a proposed IL GOP agenda for Gov & state leg. candidates, based on Wirepoints analytics. The show airs 24/7 on the web: Click here to watch. For a more detailed discussion of the data and arguments implicitly supporting the IL GOP Agenda items proposed in this week’s show, watch Wirepoints’... Read more »