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Watch Berkowitz w/GOP GOV Candidate, Rabine, Part 2, making IL a jobs, safe streets, fiscally sound & destination state again. Tonight in Chicago, rest of week elsewhere, Cable & Web

Watch in Chicago Tonight’s “Public Affairs,” show [Rabine, Part 2, 8:30 pm & midnite, Ch 21 ] with host Jeff Berkowitz interviewing GOP Gov Candidate Gary Rabine (R-Woodstock) [Rabine formally announces his candidacy in Schaumburg tomorrow] about law and order, high property taxes, tax theft, attracting jobs, avoiding lock-downs and other issues facing the State and... Read more »

Berkowitz w/GOP GOV Candidate Paul Schimpf, part 2, in Chicago this morning; and in Aurora on Monday; and the Web, Always

Schimpf indicts Governor Pritzker for overdoing IL lock-downs of the economy (Too many, too much and too long). Schimpf argues those actions by the Governor were supported neither by the science, nor the data… This morning’s Public Affairs’ show in Chicago features Paul Schimpf, who became five weeks ago the first announced candidate in the... Read more »

Watch Part 2 of the GOP GOV candidate and Senator Darren Bailey interview tonight on Cable in Chicago, the N & NW suburbs and on the Web- 24/7

Watch this evening’s  “Public Affairs,” in 25 Chicago Metro N and NW suburbs  with show host Berkowitz interviewing GOP GOV Primary Candidate, downstate farmer and Senator Darren Bailey about Bailey’s asserted  (1) unnecessary shutdown by Gov. Pritzker of much of IL’s economy and K-12 public schools, (2) misguided priorities of the Governor’s vaccine roll-out,  (3)... Read more »

Watch Part 2 of Berkowitz's interview with GOP GOV Primary candidate- Senator Darren Bailey- tonight, Chicago, Cable 21, 8:30 pm & midnight & on the web 24/7

Watch Part 2 of Berkowitz’s interview with GOP GOV candidate Darren Bailey, airing tonight in Chicago on Cable Ch. 21, 8:30 pm and midnight. Part 2 of the Bailey interview by Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz can also be watched 24/7 by clicking here The show deals with the assorted and asserted, by Bailey,... Read more »

Likely GOP Primary Gov candidate Gary Rabine, Round 2 w/host Berkowitz: Shoot to stop looters or order a police stand-down during a riot? Cable & Web

Watch Tonight’s “Public Affairs,” with show host Jeff Berkowitz interviewing likely Gov Candidate Gary Rabine (R-Woodstock) about law and order, high property taxes,  school choice,  tax theft, attracting jobs, avoiding lock-downs, term limits, citizen-politicians and other issues facing the State and it’s people. Rabine said in Part 1 of this two part series that he... Read more »

Watch likely GOP Gov Candidate Richard Porter discuss w/Berkowitz how to dramatically reform & revitalize IL in Part 1 of a 2 part interview:Cable & web

Possible Gov candidate Porter said the massive IL population loss during the last decade is due to residents voting w/their feet against an unholy alliance of Dem… ******** Watch Tonight’s “Public Affairs,”  with show host Jeff Berkowitz interviewing likely Gov Candidate Richard Porter (R-Northfield) in Part 1 about how to fix IL’s massive $400 billion... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/IL 3rd CD Candidate Fricilone (R-Homer Glen) in Chicago Tonight: Is his opponent too far left for 3rd CD? Cable & Web

Is IL 3rd CD Cand Mike Fricilone (R-Homer Glen) more representative of 3rd CD values than his Dem opponent? The “Public Affairs,” TV show airs TONIGHT (Tuesday night) in Chicago on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV) at 9:02 pm, at the beginning of the Illinois Channel two hour programming package. You can also watch the... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Maze Jackson, 1570 AM Radio on Lightfoot's muzzle, BLM, police stand-downs, et al, Cable & Web

This weekend’s Public Affairs TV show… 1. Did Mayor Lightfoot … try to muzzle Maze Jackson & …other media critics of the Mayor… Watch Maze Jackson, 1570 AM Radio morning drive in Chicago interviewed by host Jeff Berkowitz… this morning at 9:01 am, Cable Ch. 21 … and tmw morning at 8:31 am, Cable Ch.... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz & Martin discuss affordability to Chicago Taxpayers of CPS' proposed contract with CTU: Cable & Web

Tonight’s special City of Chicago Tuesday airing  of Public Affairs features Illinois Channel’s Executive Director Terry Martin and show host Jeff Berkowitz dissecting the proposed and now somewhat  modified CPS-CTU  contract and the current CTU strike, going into it’s 5 th Day tomorrow. The half hour program  airs tonight  at 9:02 pm on Cable Ch.... Read more »

Watch Stephanie Trussell, black conservative journalist discuss impeachment, violence, education & more: Cable & Web

Watch Stephanie Trussell, black conservative journalist and frequent guest host during the last month for 560 AM Radio, the Answer, debate and discuss national and Chicago issues with  Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz tonight in the city and in  24 Chicago metro N & NW suburbs. See below, for details. Issues discussed include impeachment... Read more »