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Watch Berkowitz & Martin discuss the issues that may make Gov. Pritzker vulnerable to a current or new 2022 GOP GOV opponent, Cable/Web

This weekend’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs airs throughout the City: This morning at 9:12 am, Cable Ch 21 (CAN TV) (as the second segment of the Illinois Channel 2 hour package). Tmw morning at 8:42 am, Cable Ch 19 (CAN TV) (as the second segment of the Illinois Channel 2 hour package).  The... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz discuss 2016 & 2020 election fraud allegations and how to preserve ballot integrity in 2022 and 2024 w/Election Law Expert and Chicago Elections' ALJ Joe Morris (Cable & Web)

This morning’s (Sunday) City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Joe Morris, Chairman of the Heartland Institute and a Chicago elections’ hearing officer. Did Trump steal the Presidency in 2016? Did Biden steal it back in 2020? Or, are both of those assertions big lies? Morris answers those questions and many more.      The... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/free enterprise advocate, job creator & CEO Gary Rabine in Highland Park, Aurora & Rockford, and on Web

Jeff Berkowitz: In 30 seconds, what’s your elevator pitch? Gary Rabine[CEO, Rabine Group]: One of the most important things … is how I differentiate myself... So first … we give away … the best engineering we can find in the world when it comes to pavement, stormwater and structural engineering for roofing, we… say “Here’s... Read more »

Watch 560 AM Radio guest host Stephanie Trussell debate impeachment, school choice and fixing Chicago violence w/Berkowitz, Cable & Web

Watch black conservative journalist and frequent guest host during the last month for 560 AM Radio, the Answer, debate and discuss national and Chicago issues with  Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz tonight through the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV). Issues discussed include impeachment and “What... Read more »