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Jesse Sullivan, could he have been a contender to win the GOP GOV Primary? Could he still be? Or, does opportunity only knock once? Watch on Cable and the Web. We discuss, you decide.

Could an outsider, novice millennial GOP GOV Primary candidate like Jesse Sullivan win the nomination and then reform Dem dominated IL? Many likely GOP Primary voters have been mulling that question since this show first aired eight months ago. But, scoring only 7% in the most recent poll, it appears most voters, even with 37%... Read more »

Watch: will IL’s soaring crime, taxes, public sector pension liabilities & abuse of parents by the IL State Board of Education and teachers' unions make Pritzker a one term Gov? on Cable/Web.

Key GOV Race issues: Better than Jake Tapper’s State of the Union, Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin discuss the State of Illinois and the key IL 2022 gubernatorial election issues: soaring violent crime (especially in Chicago), skyrocketing IL property taxes, falling IL home property values, imploding IL public sector pensions (now a $110K liability for... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Americans For Prosperity- Action's Andrew Nelms tonight in Chicago and N & NW suburbs: Is Pritzker's "Fair Tax" a Trojan horse? On Cable and 24/7 on Web

Nelms and Berkowitz suggest the so called “Fair Tax,” is anything but, discussing the fact that Pritzker needs $15 billion dollars more per year, not the $3. 4 billion more advertised to meet his spending plans- which could result in middle class marginal tax rates climbing to as high as 14%. Watch Andrew Nelms, Senior... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz & Martin dissect affordability of new CTU contract, as CTU strike causes 9th lost education day, Web & Cable

This evening’s City of Chicago edition  of Public Affairs features Illinois Channel’s Executive Director Terry Martin and Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz dissecting proposed and day by day even more expensive CPS-CTU  contract and the current CTU strike, going tomorrow into it’s 9th MISSED SCHOOL DAY. The half hour program  airs THIS EVENING at... Read more »