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Berkowitz w ABC-7 journalist Charles Thomas- Presumed Innocent, Sex, Race & Perspective: Cable & Web

Journalists could have reported on the sexual assault and harassment allegations about  Judge Kavanaugh w/the perspective of the Scottsboro Boys & Emmet Till incidents [Presumed Innocent, as Scott Turow said, believed in… Also discussed is the 2019 Chicago Mayor’s race– Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Vallas, McCarthy, Daley, Wilson,  Enyia, Chico, Lightfoot, Brown… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition... Read more »

Hastert's lawyer goes on offense: a good day to construct and hunt 800 pound gorillas

–Hastert, starting on Defense. When you are a defendant in a lawsuit,  as Speaker Hastert is, you start off on defense.  The plaintiff, in this case, the USA, starts off on offense, The plaintiff files the indictment or a complaint.  The defendant files an answer, or he starts by pleading guilty or innocent. In this... Read more »

The top 5 things to know about this morning's status hearing in the Fed's criminal indictment of Speaker Hastert

5.  This morning’s status hearing in USA v. John Dennis Hastert [15 CR 315] will be heard in Judge Durkin’s Courtroom on the 14th Floor at the Dirksen federal court building at 219 S. Dearborn in the Chicago Loop. To learn  about the personalities, including the lawyers; the arraignment and what is really going on... Read more »