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The beginning of the end of skyrocketing crime in Chicago and Cook? Who could lead funding of a slate of such crime fighters? Watch Berkowitz w/Fioretti on these state & local political/public policy issues: Web and Cable

1. To reduce violent crimes sharply in Chicago and Cook County, we must treat criminals as criminals, not as victims. But Chicago’s Mayor- Lightfoot, Cook County Board President Preckwinkle, State’s Attorney Foxx, Cook County’s Chief Judge Tim Evans & Cook County’s Sheriff Dart refuse to do that- no matter the mayhem, violence, physical harm and death... Read more »

This week’s "Public Affairs" show features Part 2 of Jeff Berkowitz’s interview with Paul Vallas, a possible candidate to run for Chicago Mayor in the February, 2023 election contest.

Mr. Vallas said in Part 1 of the interview, “We’ll make our decision [about a Chicago Mayoral run] before Memorial Day but we are close to giving it the greenlight.” Part 2 of the interview includes detailed discussions of Vallas’ fixes of CPS’ failing performance amid excessive and growing spending per kid per year; Vallas’... Read more »

Watch Paul Vallas discuss how he would take on the teachers' union in Chicago, vigorously support and implement school choice, hold the line on city property taxes and deal w/Chicago’s massive pension shortfall: Cable and Web

Watch Paul Vallas, Part 2, 24/7 by clicking here. This week’s “Public Affairs” show features Part 2 of Berkowitz’s two part interview w/ Paul Vallas, a possible candidate for Chicago Mayor, who says he is close to “Green lighting” a decision to run and who is confident the funding will be there for him to... Read more »

Paul Vallas, close to becoming a candidate for Chicago Mayor? Watch Vallas discuss w/Berkowitz how to fix Chicago's skyrocketing crime problem, Cable & Web

Paul Vallas: “On any given day…80 to 90 % of violent offenders…are walking the streets…the Community doesn’t feel protected.” This week’s “Public Affairs” show features Part 1 of Berkowitz’s interview with Paul Vallas, close to “Green lighting” a decision to run for Chicago Mayor. Part 1 of the interview devoted EXCLUSIVELY to Vallas’ crime fixes.... Read more »