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Watch Part 1 of a 2 part interview with IL GOP GOV primary candidate Jesse Sullivan, Cable and Web

School Choice is a moral issue, says GOP GOV Cand Jesse Sullivan. Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features millennial Alter Global CEO & GOP GOV candidate Jesse Sullivan (R-Petersburg) Part 1 of our two part Jesse Sullivan interview airs on cable in Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm and midnight on Ch 21... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz with Rabine Group CEO Gary Rabine on improving IL's business climate & Gov. Pritzker, Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: You love Illinois, right? Gary Rabine [CEO, Rabine Group]: Love Illinois Berkowitz: But, you might leave. I mean, Pritzker said you guys would never leave. Didn’t he say that? He said: You and your rich friends would never leave Gary Rabine [CEO, Rabine Group]:Pritzker said to me- He goes– “Gary, you built all... Read more »

Watch Stephanie Trussell, black conservative journalist discuss impeachment, violence, education & more: Cable & Web

Watch Stephanie Trussell, black conservative journalist and frequent guest host during the last month for 560 AM Radio, the Answer, debate and discuss national and Chicago issues with  Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz tonight in the city and in  24 Chicago metro N & NW suburbs. See below, for details. Issues discussed include impeachment... Read more »

Chicago Fed President Charlie Evans this morning: Monetary theory calls for more Federal Reserve accommodation now

“Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon,” Milton Friedman Jeff Berkowitz: There is no economic theory that says this but it sounds like the Fed (and perhaps you) are saying collectively: with low inflation, this concern about tariffs and currency manipulation [by China] and so forth- there is no economic theory that tells us... Read more »

Watch 2019 Chicago Mayoral candidate Vallas tested for a half hour on key issues by Berkowitz: Cable & Web

1.A. Our Public Affairs show featuring Paul Vallas is airing tonight throughout the City of Chicago proper (potential viewer audience of 1.5 million households) at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (Comcast, RCN, WOW or AT&T) . 1.B. The show also airs tonight in Evanston (potential viewer audience of 75,000 people) at 8:30... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz debate trial attorney Matt Belcher- Gov. Rauner v. JB Pritzker & billions of taxpayer dollars lost to corrupt Dems? Cable & Web

Matt Belcher: Without a robust public system, the private system cannot survive and flourish…so any private sector success is dependent on the public [infrastructure]. Jeff Berkowitz: Does that sound like what Obama said in 2008-2009 ************ Belcher: …What did Bruce Rauner accomplish in his two year wrecking of the Illinois economy? Lutheran Services- Gone! Autism... Read more »

Has Gov. Rauner already lost to Dem JB Pritzker in the Governor's race? Berkowitz w/pundit Robling, Cable & Web

Chris Robling [pundit]:…What we are talking about is an irreparably broken relationship between Rauner and the base of the State GOP, which will cause Pritzker to win, so Republicans will have zero re-districting influence in 2021. Berkowitz: … I will discuss, at the end of tonight’s show, how to repair the relationship between Rauner and... Read more »

Gov. Rauner debates his ads about Jeanne Ives w/Berkowitz: Truthful or gross distortions?

Jeff Berkowitz: You have any evidence supporting your ads… that argue Ives is in the tank for Speaker Madigan & wants increased taxes…? Gov. Rauner: Her statements... and her votes. Rep. Ives said [to] Crain’s editorial board she did not support rolling back the Madigan income tax, now… Ives said she couldn’t get the $5... Read more »

Causes & cures of income inequality: Chicago School Economics made lively by UChicago's Kevin Murphy, Cable/Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,”  features Chicago Booth and UChicago Economics Department Professor Kevin Murphy discussing and debating with show host Jeff Berkowitz how changes in the demand for and supply of human capital explain the increase in income inequality over the last half century. Tonight’s show airs throughout the City at... Read more »

A fresh look at the causes and cures of income inequality: Berkowitz w/Chicago Booth's Kevin Murphy, Cable/Web

Tonight’s “Public Affairs” Chicago Metro N and NW suburban edition  features Chicago Booth and UChicago Economics Department Professor Kevin Murphy discussing how changes in the demand for and supply of specific, high quality, human capital explain the sharp increase in income inequality. You can watch the Public Affairs episode featuring Kevin Murphy 24/7 by clicking... Read more »