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Can and should Donald Trump win the Presidency? "Morning Joe's," Mika, Scarborough and Geist discuss that w/Ari Fleischer, you decide. "

Joe Scarborough: … Do you think Donald Trump is temperamentally fit to be Commander-in-Chief? Ari Fleischer: … I think it is a roll of the dice… I think Hillary is a worse roll of the dice. ******* Scarborough: … I didn’t say this but this is what everybody is saying. Is Donald Trump a sociopath?... Read more »

Q&A w/Chicago Blogger:"Morning Jen and Jeff" discuss Jen's blogs/dating

Revisions made and links added on Monday night at 6:20 pm on Monday  Jen: …Total package, I have never been better.  Maybe I have been a little thinner Jeff: Could you show us [on Skype], could you stand up, or something? —The Jen Knoedl web sites:   Jeff Berkowitz: So, one part of this video... Read more »