Tag: mayor Irvin to run for IL Governor

Watch Berkowitz & Martin's update on the IL GOP Governor's primary: Mayor Irvin enters stage right? Will a Gov Candidate target the source of the violent crime problem? Has mega billionaire Hedge Fund manager and investor wizard Ken Griffin committed to finance Irvin? Cable starts Mon & on the Web 24/7 now.

January 28, 2022: Berkowitz and Martin update viewers on the IL GOP Governor’s primary. You can watch 24/7 Wednesday’s program here. Also discussed is the Illinois violent crime problem (with particular attention to Chicago and Cook County– which may be good prototypes for what goes wrong in various other counties and cities in the State,... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz and Martin discuss the essentials of the CTU strike and shut-down of CPS, a likely new entrant into the IL GOV race this month and the likely new counter-weight to Gov Pritzker's out-sized control of IL politics and public policy, Cable and Web

This week’s Chicago edition of “Public Affairs” features Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin (Executive Director, Illinois Channel) discussing some key City of Chicago and State of Illinois political and public policy issues. The show airs in Chicago: –Tonight (Monday), 8:30 pm and midnight, Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV) –Tuesday night, 9:15 pm, Cable Ch 21... Read more »