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Watch Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin discuss the national humiliation & foreign policy/national security implications of the U. S. & allied total withdrawal from & defeat in Afghanistan; key IL energy and re-map legislative issues, as well as possible four additional entrants in the next 6 weeks to the 2022 GOP Gov primary (Cable/Web)

Jeff Berkowitz: We will certainly hear from Jesse Sullivan [as a GOP GOV candidate] on Labor Day week, the week of Sep. 6…comes from downstate Petersburg, IL…great wife, four young kids…has a lot of verbal dexterity… [life motto seems to be [“Faith, family and service.”] This week’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs airs... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz & Martin on (1) Pritzker’s Green New Deal, (2) Exploding crime in Chicago & America and (3) GOP GOV Candidates, Cable & Web

The Chicago edition of Public Affairs airs on Cable Ch 21 (CAN TV): –Tonight, 8:30 pm & midnight –Tomorrow night, 9:04 pm   You can also watch the program 24/7 by clicking here. Abstract: We review the Pritzker IL Green Energy bill and why many in both industry and labor are against it. And, why... Read more »