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Better than Steve Harvey or Paul Harvey: Watch Berkowitz w/love guide Hadley Finch on romantic relationships and dating, Web and Cable

Tonight’s Chicago Metro Suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Hadley Finch, an experienced, top notch guide on the arts of dating and loving.   The show airs throughout 24 Chicago Metro suburbs tonight at 8:30 pm, as indicated below. Love guide Hadley Finch debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz what to do when... Read more »

Q&A w/Chicago Blogger:"Morning Jen and Jeff" discuss Jen's blogs/dating

Revisions made and links added on Monday night at 6:20 pm on Monday  Jen: …Total package, I have never been better.  Maybe I have been a little thinner Jeff: Could you show us [on Skype], could you stand up, or something? —The Jen Knoedl web sites:   Jeff Berkowitz: So, one part of this video... Read more »