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Berkowitz w ABC-7 journalist Charles Thomas- Presumed Innocent, Sex, Race & Perspective: Cable & Web

Journalists could have reported on the sexual assault and harassment allegations about  Judge Kavanaugh w/the perspective of the Scottsboro Boys & Emmet Till incidents [Presumed Innocent, as Scott Turow said, believed in… Also discussed is the 2019 Chicago Mayor’s race– Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Vallas, McCarthy, Daley, Wilson,  Enyia, Chico, Lightfoot, Brown… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition... Read more »

Republicans Harris and McSweeney help Democrats Emanuel and Madigan override Gov. Rauner’s veto.

Text revised on Tuesday at 1:00 pm. When you are at war, every battle counts. For him to succeed as Governor, Rauner must get Speaker Madigan to agree to at least a few of his reforms, and he must get a responsible budget passed that will put an end to the deficit the State ran... Read more »