Tag: Ken Griffin financing a $100 million IL GOP GOV Candidate campaign

Watch Berkowitz & Martin's update on IL GOP Governor's primary: Mayor Irvin enters IL Gov race stage right. Will a Gov Candidate target the source of the violent crime problem? Has mega billionaire Hedge Fund manager Ken Griffin committed to finance Irvin? Cable in Chicago tonight and tomorrow night; Aurora, M, W & Sat; and on the Web 24/7.

Berkowitz and Martin update viewers on the IL GOP Governor’s primary. You can watch 24/7 the program by clicking here. Also discussed is the Illinois violent crime problem (with particular attention to Chicago and Cook County– which may be good prototypes for what goes wrong in various other counties and cities in the State, as... Read more »

Watch: will IL’s soaring crime, taxes, public sector pension liabilities & abuse of parents by the IL State Board of Education and teachers' unions make Pritzker a one term Gov? on Cable/Web.

Key GOV Race issues: Better than Jake Tapper’s State of the Union, Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin discuss the State of Illinois and the key IL 2022 gubernatorial election issues: soaring violent crime (especially in Chicago), skyrocketing IL property taxes, falling IL home property values, imploding IL public sector pensions (now a $110K liability for... Read more »