Pitch your blog idea

Welcome to ChicagoNow's pitch page, this is where it all begins.

Since you're here it means you may be considering pitching your blog idea and joining our collection of several hundred bloggers. We're always looking for new bloggers who have a desire to write and communicate about whatever it is they have a passion for.

If you know a lot about us and don't need any more information to send your pitch, please scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the pitch form thoroughly.

If not, here is a little more to help you decide if this is a good fit.

First things first, who is eligible to have a blog on ChicagoNow? Anybody living in the Chicago-area is eligible to blog on whatever topic they want. If you don't live in the area then your blog must be locally-focused.

What if I've never blogged before? Many of our best bloggers never blogged prior to joining ChicagoNow. What matters most to us is that you're passionate about your topic and excited to start your blog.

How often do I have to post? You exercise complete editorially control over you blog, including what you write, how often you write and when you publish.

So I can only post once a month? Yes, however your blog probably won't develop a steady readership. If you do want to build a readership we suggest posting at the very least once a week or more. The key is to post frequently and consistently and make a place for blogging in your busy life.

What if I have an existing blog? We bring over existing blogs all the time. We don't import your old posts, rather we suggest you put up a final post that announces the move with a link to your new ChicagoNow blog.

Can I post my content to both blogs? No. While we don't tell you what to write, we don't permit double-posting the same content to the same blog and would elect not to have you host a blog on ChicagoNow if that's an issue. We do this because Google doesn't like it when the same content is double-posted, potentially impacting traffic to all our blogs. And we also want to encourage you to build your community around your ChicagoNow blog.

What blogging platform do you use? We use WordPress that has been customized for our needs.

I see you already have a blog on my topic. Do you still want to see my pitch? Absolutely, yes. We have many blogs that post on similar topics. Each blog has a different, unique approach and all are welcome.

What is the process for accepting my pitch? If we feel the pitch is a good one and you're serious about blogging, we'll contact you to set up a phone call and discuss your blog some more. Once it reaches this point, the blog can launch in a matter of hours rather than days.

If you have any more questions feel free to email us at staff@chicagonow.com. We look forward to seeing your pitch and hopefully working with you!

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