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Watch Berkowitz and Martin discuss the essentials of the CTU strike and shut-down of CPS, a likely new entrant into the IL GOV race this month and the likely new counter-weight to Gov Pritzker's out-sized control of IL politics and public policy, Cable and Web

This week’s Chicago edition of “Public Affairs” features Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin (Executive Director, Illinois Channel) discussing some key City of Chicago and State of Illinois political and public policy issues. The show airs in Chicago: –Tonight (Monday), 8:30 pm and midnight, Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV) –Tuesday night, 9:15 pm, Cable Ch 21... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz & Martin discuss IL’s shaky budget projections & Pritzker’s poor fiscal performance on unemployment, jobs &public sector pensions, Cable/Web

SUNDAY, Dec 12, 1:30 am Berkowitz and Martin discuss IL’s much higher unemployment rate than each of its neighbors… ********* Gov Pritzker is cutting ribbons several days a week, taking credit for handing out… chunks of IL’s $45 billion capital budget slush fund… Watch Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin discuss IL’s shaky five year budget... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz interview author Matt Rosenberg about what pisses Matt off about CPS’ pervasive historic failures and Chicago’s and Cook County’s massive failure to protect many of their citizens from violent crime, Cable and Web

Author Matt Rosenberg:  If you are talking about [improving] CPS, We need to lift the cap on charter school growth. Our state legislature has to approve a more robust framework for school choice… **** Jeff Berkowitz: …should parents be telling the Chicago public schools what to teach? Rosenberg:..I like activist parents because … they are... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz discuss w/author Matt Rosenberg his new book: What Next, Chicago? Notes of a pissed-off Native Son, Cable & Web

Author Matt Rosenberg: The Chicago Teachers Union is the major obstacle to reform at CPS… **** Matt Rosenberg: I want Ray Lopez to run for Chicago Mayor. He is the one Chicago alderman [15th Ward] to call out the racial essentialism that Lori Lightfoot spouts. He says Chicago’s problem is the borderline breakdown of the... Read more »

Give Berkowitz and Martin 30 minutes and they'll give you the National and IL big picture about public policy and politics. Watch on cable or the Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Jeff and Terry discussing the national and IL political pathologies, summarized below. You can watch the show in Chicago on Cable Ch 21 tonight at 8:30 pm or midnight or tomorrow night at 9:02 pm You can also watch the show 24/7 by clicking here You... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz and Martin discuss latest polling in VA Gov race w/lessons for IL’s Gov race, impact of IL’s CD REMAP, Repeal of Parental Notification of Abortion and Modification of Right of Conscience legislation, Cable and Web

The Berkowitz and Martin national, state and local political update airs in Chicago tonight, 8:30 pm and midnight, Cable ch 21 and also airs: –24/7 by clicking here. – in Aurora today, Wed and Saturday, 6 pm, Cable Ch. 10 (ACTV-10) -in Rockford this Thursday, 8:30 pm, Cable Ch 17 -in 25 Chicago Metro north... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz’s interview w/GOP GOV candidate Jesse Sullivan, Part 2 airing in Chicago tonight on Cable and Web, 24/7. Also, watch Part 1, 24/7 on the web.

“Someone has to remind Gov Pritzker Chicago is in IL and rampant street crime there is his problem, too, and he has to roll up his sleeves and try to solve it… ” GOP Candidate Jesse Sullivan, Part 2 Part 2 of our Jesse Sullivan, GOP GOV Primary candidate interview airs tonight in Chicago at... Read more »

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin likely to join GOP GOV race within 6 weeks. Watch Berkowitz & Martin discuss related issues, Cable & Web.

Mayor Richard Irvin likely to join GOP GOV race within 6 weeks. Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin is likely to join GOP Gov race in 2 to 6 weeks, according to reliable sources, said “Public Affairs” show host Jeff Berkowitz, in today’s show discussion with Illinois Channel Executive Director Terry Martin. Watch Berkowitz & Martin discuss... Read more »

Part 2 of Berkowitz’s interview w/GOP GOV candidate, Jesse Sullivan, airs this week in Chicago and Rockford, Cable and Web

Sullivan: “Someone has to remind Pritzker Chicago is in IL & crime there is his problem, too- he has to solve it…” From part 2, 1717-18:47 Jesse Sullivan: “Indiana has grown 1700 % more over last decade than IL …It’s because of high taxes, corruption & crime…Part 1, 20:02-21:11 Part 2 of our two-part Jesse... Read more »

Watch Jeff Berkowitz’s interview w/IL GOP GOV candidate Jesse Sullivan, Part 1 airing in 25 Chicago Metro suburbs, Aurora & Highland Park, Cable & Web

Gov Candidate Sullivan: “Indiana has grown 1700 % more over the last decade than IL …It’s because of high taxes, corruption & crime…You have to be a business-friendly state…If IL is not positioned well over next decade, we’re going to lose way more… [From Part 1 of the Interview: 20:02-21:11] ******************* Part 1 of the... Read more »