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Watch IL GOP GOV Candidate Darren Bailey, Part 1 of the interview, airing tonight in Highland Park, IL; Bailey, Part 2, airs tomorrow night in Rockford, IL & both parts of the interview can be seen on the Web, 24/7

Watch this evening’s  “Public Affairs,” in Highland Park at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 19 with show host Berkowitz interviewing GOP GOV Primary Candidate, downstate farmer and Senator Darren Bailey in Part 1 of two shows about cutting property taxes, government pension benefits and state spending– and many additional topics. Bailey, Part 2, airs in... Read more »

What does Chris Kennedy have to do w/ RFK, JFK and Bob Bednar? Watch Berkowitz w/Bednar, Cable and Web

Bednar describes himself as an all the way conservative: Kenny Idstein is the Republican choice in the 62nd District State House race of Dan Profit and the IOP, an offshoot of the Illinois Policy Institute. Idstein self identifies as somewhere between moderate and conservative. ******** Tonight’s Chicago Metro N and NW suburban edition of Public... Read more »

Way better than Rachel Maddow interviewing Bill O'Reilly: Berkowitz predicting the winners in the Republican Primary Gov race and general election Governor's race, Web and Cable

Jeff Berkowitz: … We are going to give you tonight the winner of the Republican Primary Governor’s race– more than 30 days before the election– and give you the final percentages of votes received for each candidate… and we will give you the winner in the November, 2014 gubernatorial general election race… Tonight’s City of... Read more »