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Watch Berkowitz’s interview w/GOP GOV candidate Jesse Sullivan, Part 2 airing in Chicago tonight on Cable and Web, 24/7. Also, watch Part 1, 24/7 on the web.

“Someone has to remind Gov Pritzker Chicago is in IL and rampant street crime there is his problem, too, and he has to roll up his sleeves and try to solve it… ” GOP Candidate Jesse Sullivan, Part 2 Part 2 of our Jesse Sullivan, GOP GOV Primary candidate interview airs tonight in Chicago at... Read more »

Better than Bears v.Packers,Berkowitz w/Ditchdigger CEO Rabine in Chicago, Suburbs & Evanston on business & life: Cable&Web

Tonight’s Public Affairs show with Gary Rabine, CEO [Rabine Group] airs in Chicago, 25 Chicago Metro N & NW suburbs and Evanston, See detailed airing schedule, below  Gary Rabine: If I were born with a few billion dollars, I might be the same way as JB Pritzker, I might be trading businesses. Heck, it’s a... Read more »

Watch Ditch Digger CEO Rabine on free enterprise, IL Gov't & Politics, IL needed fiscal reforms & IL tax burdens: Cable & Web

Gary Rabine [CEO, Rabine Group]: Gov. Pritzker said to me, “Gary, you built all your businesses here, your family is all here, you’re never gonna go anywhere, I mean, that’s exactly how he said it… and God Bless him, if he really believes that that’s the case, but that can’t be the case, I can’t... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz model w BGA's CEO Greising how Gov. Rauner & JB Pritzker could debate issues, Cable & Internet

Jeff Berkowitz: Would the BGA join in saying that Andy Shaw, you and me should …go out and talk [Rauner and Pritzker into having these substantive issue discussions]. David Greising: It’s an interesting idea and… it’s worth talking about. Tonight’s Chicago Metro edition of Public Affairs features the Better Government Association’s (BGA) newly minted President and... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Jeanne Ives on Rauner's historic lies and Berkowitz on the Dem Gov Primary: Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago, Chicago Metro suburban, Evanston and Aurora editions of Public Affairs features State Rep. and Republican Primary gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives discussing the key Republican Primary issues with show host Berkowitz. These issues include blatant lying of historic proportions by Gov. Rauner, which even the mainstream media e.g., Kass and Hinz have... Read more »