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Likely GOP Gov Candidate Richard Porter, arguing for a new kind of politics in IL, airs in Chicago this morning and tmw morning & in Aurora tonight, Cable & Web

Likely 2022  GOP Gov Primary candidate Richard Porter argues for a new kind of politics in IL, one where “The politician works for the people– not the people working for the politicians.” Part 2 of Public Affairs’ interview with Republican National Committeeman Richard Porter airs throughout the City of Chicago proper on  (CAN TV) (1)... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/expert Gary MacDougal on how to reduce Chicago's homicides & shootings: Cable & Web

Gary MacDougal:[a typical 17 year old living on the south or west side of Chicago] can’t get a job because he probably did six months for selling weed. Tonight’s City of Chicago and Tuesday night’s (airing schedule, below) Chicago Metro suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Gary MacDougal, a  former Mckinsey partner and highly successful... Read more »