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Watch Berkowitz w/expert Gary MacDougal on how to reduce Chicago's homicides & shootings: Cable & Web

Gary MacDougal:[a typical 17 year old living on the south or west side of Chicago] can’t get a job because he probably did six months for selling weed. Tonight’s City of Chicago and Tuesday night’s (airing schedule, below) Chicago Metro suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Gary MacDougal, a  former Mckinsey partner and highly successful... Read more »

Governors Edgar and Thompson to Rauner, via Korecki: "Make a deal w/ Madigan/Cullerton." Berkowitz w/Rep. Morrison on why reform matters, Cable/Web

Revised significantly at 9:50 am on Tuesday. Natashi Korecki, the least liberal and fairest at reporting of the Sun-Times columnists, carries the message  from former IL Governors Thompson and Edgar to rookie Governor Rauner. Jim Thompson to Rauner: Just make a deal: Fourteen year Republican Governor Thompson (1977 to 1991) never had a real political... Read more »

Better than Chris Wallace w/Barack Obama: Berkowitz w/ Gov. Jim Edgar and Gov wannabees Kirk Dillard and Bruce Rauner

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features the contrast of the Republican Governor of Illinois in the 1990s, Jim Edgar with Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee for Governor this year and Senator Dillard, the man who came within three points of blocking Rauner from being the nominee of their Party. You can also... Read more »

Berkowitz w/former IL Education czar Max McGee on Cable/Web: Are school choice and competition the way to improve Chicago’s failing schools?

Dr. Max McGee is the former IL State Supt. of Education, appointed by Gov. Jim Edgar in 1998– and McGee served in that office for five years.  Dr. McGee is currently the President of the prestigious Illinois Math and Science Academy (“IMSA”), a residential high school in Aurora for gifted math/science students from the State... Read more »