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Watch Wirepoints’ Dabrowski discuss what could be GOP's agenda on fixing crime, teachers’ unions’, education, taxes & public sector collective bargaining, salaries & pensions: Cable & Web

Watch the show featuring Dabrowski by clicking here. Dabrowski discusses w/Jeff Berkowitz how to: 1, Stop violent crime in IL: arrest, detain, convict and imprison dangerous career criminals; treat them as criminals, not as victims. 2. Cut the heck out of IL’s property taxes, the 2nd highest in the nation. 3. Reform IL education by... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz & Martin's update on IL GOP Governor's primary: Mayor Irvin enters IL Gov race stage right. Will a Gov Candidate target the source of the violent crime problem? Has mega billionaire Hedge Fund manager Ken Griffin committed to finance Irvin? Cable in Chicago tonight and tomorrow night; Aurora, M, W & Sat; and on the Web 24/7.

Berkowitz and Martin update viewers on the IL GOP Governor’s primary. You can watch 24/7 the program by clicking here. Also discussed is the Illinois violent crime problem (with particular attention to Chicago and Cook County– which may be good prototypes for what goes wrong in various other counties and cities in the State, as... Read more »