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Watch Berkowitz w/GOP GOV Candidate, Rabine, Part 2, making IL a jobs, safe streets, fiscally sound & destination state again. Tonight in Chicago, rest of week elsewhere, Cable & Web

Watch in Chicago Tonight’s “Public Affairs,” show [Rabine, Part 2, 8:30 pm & midnite, Ch 21 ] with host Jeff Berkowitz interviewing GOP Gov Candidate Gary Rabine (R-Woodstock) [Rabine formally announces his candidacy in Schaumburg tomorrow] about law and order, high property taxes, tax theft, attracting jobs, avoiding lock-downs and other issues facing the State and... Read more »

Watch Part 2 of Berkowitz's interview w/GOP GOV Candidate- Sen. Bailey-today and tmw, Chicago, Cable; Aurora, Today & Monday, 6 pm, ACTV-10 & on the web 24/7

Watch Part 2 of Berkowitz’s interview with GOP GOV candidate Darren Bailey, airing In Chicago: This morning on Cable Ch. 21, 10:14 am and tmw morning, Cable Ch. 19, 9:44 am In Aurora at 6pm on Cable Ch. 10, aka ACTV-10: tonight and Monday night In Highland Park, 8:30 pm, Cable Ch. 19: this coming... Read more »

Likely Gov Candidate Bailey airs tonight in Chicago & Chicago's north & northwest suburbs: ready to run on cutting property taxes, spending & pension benefits; Cable & Web

Revised at 9:10 pm on Wednesday, Feb 17 to add GOP GOV Candidate video links, below. Watch Tonight’s “Public Affairs,” with show host Jeff Berkowitz interviewing soon to be GOP GOV Primary Candidate, downstate farmer and Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) about cutting property taxes, spending and IL government pension benefits; starting real reforms to help... Read more »

Vast government over-reaction to COVID19? Risk of depression lives lost v. risk of virus lives lost: Watch in Chicago, suburbs & on Web

Ted Dabrowski: … The human and economic toll of shutting down America… How does that compare to potential human toll of the virus itself? And, that’s the benefit- cost analysis that needs to be debated! ******** Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Ted Dabrowski, President of Wirepoints discussing w/show host Jeff Berkowitz... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz & Martin w/cameos by Trump, Horowitz, Graham & Pritzker, covering Impeachment & pensions: Cable & Web

This weekend’s Public Affairs TV progam features¬† virtual appearances of President Trump, DOJ Inspector General David Horowitz and Senator Graham– as they¬† join Jeff Berkowitz & Terry Martin’s discussion of impeachment, the Horowitz report, the run-up to impeachment, the Senate Trial, the Economy and the impact of those major events on the November Presidendial Election.... Read more »