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Berkowitz interviews NYT Best Selling Author Heather Mac Donald: War on Cops or War on Blacks, airing in Chicago, Tonight, Cable & Web

Jeff Berkowitz: So, the cop gets out of his car, shoots sixteen times in six seconds a 16 year old black teen who is …walking away from the cop… Berkowitz: …Mayor Emanuel keeps the Laquan McDonald video from the public, Emanuel is re-elected…a War on Cops or War on Blacks? ********************* Now it’s BLM, Looting,... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w Chicago Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson tonite in Chicago, 8:30 pm & Midnight, Cable Ch. 21 & Web

Wilson contends Preckwinkle should be “Disqualified” from the Mayoral race not only for the 116 K that Ed Burke raised for Toni… Similarly, Willie Wilson argues that both Bill Daley and Gery Chico have been practicing pay to play… How can voters believe anything coming out of Mendoza’s mouth, asks Willie. ********** Tonight’s City of... Read more »

Watch Amara Enyia, youngest, clean challenger to the BURKE FOUR, tonight on Cable in Chicago & on Web

Does the 400K which Chance the Rapper gave “Clean” Amara after the taping of tonight’s show push her ahead of the BURKE FOUR because she never had anything to do with the wiretapped Burke, accused by the Feds of a “Chicago Way Shakedown.” .   Can a good chunk of those “$150 billion Chicago taxpayer... Read more »

Better than clips of Pres. Bush's Corpse or Mon. Night Football: Berkowitz w/Glennon on Chicago's and IL's pension disasters.

Mark Glennon [Wirepoints.com]: “IL is beyond broke…by technical legal standards, we are bankrupt.” Glennon: “The reason we have not funded the pensions is that the taxpayers cannot afford them…the taxpayers have not been irresponsible.” In our public sector pension system, certain politicians (mostly Democrats) get votes and campaign contributions, the employees get supra-competitive salaries and... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz discuss Chicago's violence & it's leadership deficit w/Gary MacDougal: Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz:  [Say] I am your typical 15-17 year old… living on the south or west side of Chicago, I am lucky if my family income is $20,000 or $30,000, what am I doing? Gary MacDougal:  You don’t have any choices. You can’t get a job because you probably did six months in prison for... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Troy LaRaviere, Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Part 2, on CPS sexual assaults & rapes & Chicago corruption, Cable & Web

Troy LaRaviere: This is the issue,,,You can end slavery [and] segregation. But, you haven’t ended the culture which you have created in which people have been conditioned to think a certain way about black people…[From Part 1] ******** Who was to blame for CPS apparently doing little or nothing about many or perhaps most of... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Chi Mayor Cand. Troy LaRaviere on a CPD murder and CPS major F up (Too few staff?): Cable & Web

Troy LaRaviere: [A white Chicago police officer], Jason van Dyke, saw a threat [from a black Laquan McDonald]  that was not there…He and millions of other people in this culture have been conditioned to see that threat when they are confronted with a black body…. You can’t enslave people for over 200 years and get... Read more »

Berkowitz w/ Chi Mayoral Candidate Brown on Rahm's handling of the McDonald police shooting death & more, Cable&Web

Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown: What’s interesting is how many police officers [12 to 14] showed up [for Laquan McDonald] and he didn’t have a gun and he had a little…pen knife and he didn’t have a lot of clothes on to shield… Jeff Berkowitz: Would you give [Carol Marin & me] your pledge that you... Read more »

Watch McQueary pick JB Pritzker, Emanuel and Vallas as the winners, Cable & Web

Kristen McQueary [Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member]: … I think Paul Vallas will put Rahm in a run-off for sure. ********* Berkowitz:  So, you said Gov. Rauner doesn’t even get 90% of the Ives’ Republican Primary voters to vote for him. Say… 20% of those 340,000 voters stay home… I mean, possibly… 60, 000… Republicans... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Tribune's Kristen McQueary on 2018 IL Governor's race & 2019 Chicago Mayoral election: Cable & web

Kristen McQueary [Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member]: If the election were held today, Gov. elect Pritzker is who  we would be discussing… ************ McQueary: … I am watching the clock, so let’s talk about the Chicago Mayor’s race. .. you just interviewed one of the Mayoral candidates. ******** Berkowitz: She just thinks it’s a silly... Read more »