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Watch Berkowitz w/former State GOP Chair Gary MacDougal on the five root causes of Chicago's violence: cable & web

MacDougal finds that the root causes of Chicago’s violence include drug infested neighborhoods, dysfunctional families, union dominated, non-performing public schools, a dearth of good role models and geographic and skills barriers to even entry level jobs. With Rahm Emanuel deciding last week discretion is the better part of valor and not to seek re-election as... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/expert Gary MacDougal on how to reduce Chicago's homicides & shootings: Cable & Web

Gary MacDougal:[a typical 17 year old living on the south or west side of Chicago] can’t get a job because he probably did six months for selling weed. Tonight’s City of Chicago and Tuesday night’s (airing schedule, below) Chicago Metro suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Gary MacDougal, a  former Mckinsey partner and highly successful... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz discuss Chicago's violence & it's leadership deficit w/Gary MacDougal: Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz:  [Say] I am your typical 15-17 year old… living on the south or west side of Chicago, I am lucky if my family income is $20,000 or $30,000, what am I doing? Gary MacDougal:  You don’t have any choices. You can’t get a job because you probably did six months in prison for... Read more »