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Watch Stephanie Trussell, black conservative journalist discuss impeachment, violence, education & more: Cable & Web

Watch Stephanie Trussell, black conservative journalist and frequent guest host during the last month for 560 AM Radio, the Answer, debate and discuss national and Chicago issues with  Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz tonight in the city and in  24 Chicago metro N & NW suburbs. See below, for details. Issues discussed include impeachment... Read more »

Berkowitz w/ WIND 560 AM Radio's Charles Love,"Black & Right," tonight in Chicago & in N & NW Chicago suburbs,Cable & Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro suburban edition AND special City of Chicago airing  of Public Affairs features Charles Love, 560 AM Radio’s co-host of “Black and Right,” Saturdays, 1-3 pm.   Tonight’s suburban edition of Public Affairs airs in 24 N & NW Chicago suburb (and repeats next Tuesday night) at 8:30 pm : -on Comcast Cable... Read more »