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Jesse Sullivan, could he have been a contender to win the GOP GOV Primary? Could he still be? Or, does opportunity only knock once? Watch on Cable and the Web. We discuss, you decide.

Could an outsider, novice millennial GOP GOV Primary candidate like Jesse Sullivan win the nomination and then reform Dem dominated IL? Many likely GOP Primary voters have been mulling that question since this show first aired eight months ago. But, scoring only 7% in the most recent poll, it appears most voters, even with 37%... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz discuss w/author Matt Rosenberg his new book: What Next, Chicago? Notes of a pissed-off Native Son, Cable & Web

Author Matt Rosenberg: The Chicago Teachers Union is the major obstacle to reform at CPS… **** Matt Rosenberg: I want Ray Lopez to run for Chicago Mayor. He is the one Chicago alderman [15th Ward] to call out the racial essentialism that Lori Lightfoot spouts. He says Chicago’s problem is the borderline breakdown of the... Read more »