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Top Ten things to know about President Trump's first 92 days in office.

10. Respect for America and its willingness to project military strength are back. The strike in Syria two weeks ago against Assad did that. To his credit, President Obama’s caution kept the U. S. far away from a 2 $ trillion, 6000 casualty, 50,000 severe injuries, 15 year wasteful war like the Iraq War. But... Read more »

Judge Gorsuch's Supreme Court seat was not "Stolen" from Judge Garland, but earned, fair and square.

Now that events (a vacancy occurring in the last year of the Obama Presidency while the Republicans controlled the Senate and then the election of a Republican President) have turned against the Democrats and liberal constitutional scholars, they can hardly complain about bi-partisan political norms… Democrats and liberal constitutional scholars, prior to and at this... Read more »

Berkowitz goes 1 on 3: on NYT’s Maureen Dowd and Carl Hulse and IOP’s David Axelrod

David Axelrod (Director, UChicago Institute of Politics and former Senior Advisor to President Obama, 2002-12): Jeff Berkowitz, you can lead off the “Young at heart,” questioning. Jeff Berkowitz: … alum of the UChicago Law School and Graduate School of Economics.  Thank you David, for that introduction. So, following up on the last question …haven’t the... Read more »

Ten key things to know about Rahm's appointment of Forrest Claypool to CPS CEO and the four amigos: Emanuel, Axelrod, Claypool and Obama. Watch Claypool on Web

So, TV show host Berkowitz asked Forrest Claypool in May, 2008… why his amigo, Barack Obama, couldn’t see fit to support reform over patronage, inefficency and corruption… 10. This reporter once said to Forrest Claypool in one of his five appearances on “Public Affairs,”  “You could be a Republican- you are such a believer in... Read more »

Eye on Dan Proft, on his way to work for Senators/Presidential wannabees Ted Cruz or Rand Paul and, ultimately, the Fox News Channel?

Proft  leaves WLS AM-Radio– and considers working for a Republican Party Presidential Candidate? Dan Proft, 42, effectively left WLS-AM Radio earlier this month (either voluntarily or his contract was not renewed). For the last three years, Proft has teamed up with Bruce Wolf to host the morning 5 to 9 am, WLS morning drive show.... Read more »

Better than David Axelrod debating Karl Rove: Watch Berkowitz w/IL Governor to be State Rep. Jeanne Ives

Jeff Berkowitz: Should we keep the minimum wage low because a higher minimum wage will cause unemployment? Rep. Jeanne Ives: We should keep the minimum wage where it is. ****************************************** Tonight’s Chicago Metro Suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton).   The show airs throughout 24 Chicago Metro suburbs tonight at 8:30... Read more »

Speaking at UChicago’s Institute of Politics, Five Politico.com senior personnel predict it is President Hillary Clinton in 2016

Politico names Hillary the 2016 Democratic Party nominee for President Concluding a luncheon discussion on Tuesday of this week at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics (“IOP ”, headed by former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod) at Ida Noyes on 59th Street in Hyde Park, Roger Simon, Chief political columnist at Politico.com and currently... Read more »

Better than former Obama senior political adviser David Axelrod with Gov. Chris Christie: Berkowitz w/UChicago Institute of Politics' Fellow Miguel Silva, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Miguel Silva, Fellow, Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago and Latin American political campaign consultant, FTI. The program airs throughout the City at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21.     Silva debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz the important grouping of countries, economic growth... Read more »

Way Better than Monday Night Football, Berkowitz w/ National Review's and IOP's Ramesh Ponnuru, Web and Cable

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features  Ramesh Ponnuru, a Senior Editor at the National Review (a conservative bi-weekly magazine which was started more than a half century ago by the late William F. Buckley, Jr).  Mr. Ponnuru was a Fellow during the Autumn Quarter, 2013   at the University of Chicago’s (and... Read more »

Better than Florida State v. Auburn: Berkowitz v. University of Chicago's Axelrod and Edwards, Cable and Web

With big time, Democrat Superstar Axelrod at the helm of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, can it really be balanced? Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Steve Edwards, former Chicago Public Radio program host and now Deputy Director, Programming, Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago.... Read more »