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Watch Part 1 of a 2 part interview with IL GOP GOV primary candidate Jesse Sullivan, Cable and Web

School Choice is a moral issue, says GOP GOV Cand Jesse Sullivan. Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features millennial Alter Global CEO & GOP GOV candidate Jesse Sullivan (R-Petersburg) Part 1 of our two part Jesse Sullivan interview airs on cable in Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm and midnight on Ch 21... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz & Martin discuss issues that make Gov. Pritzker vulnerable to a current or potential new GOP GOV opponent winning in 2022: Cable/Web

This week’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs airs throughout the City: Tonight at 8:30 pm and midnight, Cable Ch 21 (CAN TV)Tmw night at 9:12 pm, Cable Ch 21 (as the first segment of the Illinois Channel 2 hour package).  The show also airs in: In Aurora at 6 pm, Cable Ch 10... Read more »

Berkowitz & Martin discuss GOP GOV primary candidates, issues and a possible emerging IL GOP agenda in Chicago, Aurora & Highland Park & on the Web

Berkowitz and Martin discuss Wirepoints data showing Illinois career teachers across the state retire at an average of 80K per year pensions and state public university employees retire at… ***************** This weekend’s Public Affairs’ shows features show host Jeff Berkowitz and Illinois Channel’s Executive Director Terry Martin discussing key current state and local political and... Read more »

Likely Gov Candidate Bailey airs tonight in Chicago & Chicago's north & northwest suburbs: ready to run on cutting property taxes, spending & pension benefits; Cable & Web

Revised at 9:10 pm on Wednesday, Feb 17 to add GOP GOV Candidate video links, below. Watch Tonight’s “Public Affairs,” with show host Jeff Berkowitz interviewing soon to be GOP GOV Primary Candidate, downstate farmer and Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) about cutting property taxes, spending and IL government pension benefits; starting real reforms to help... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/AFP Action's Nelms this morning & tmw morning in Chicago and this evening in Aurora on Cable and on the web (24/7) on Gov. Pritzker's "Unfair tax" Bait and Switch

Put more succinctly marginal tax rates on the middle class of 14% instead of 3% are a bit of a” bait and switch.” Without reforms and spending cuts, Governor Pritzker’s “Fair Tax” becomes yet another PRITZKER unfair tax on the middle class.    The show featuring Nelms airs this morning throughout Chicago proper at 9:04... Read more »

Better than clips of Pres. Bush's Corpse or Mon. Night Football: Berkowitz w/Glennon on Chicago's and IL's pension disasters.

Mark Glennon [Wirepoints.com]: “IL is beyond broke…by technical legal standards, we are bankrupt.” Glennon: “The reason we have not funded the pensions is that the taxpayers cannot afford them…the taxpayers have not been irresponsible.” In our public sector pension system, certain politicians (mostly Democrats) get votes and campaign contributions, the employees get supra-competitive salaries and... Read more »