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Berkowitz & Martin discuss GOP GOV primary candidates, issues and a possible emerging IL GOP agenda in Chicago, Aurora & Highland Park & on the Web

Berkowitz and Martin discuss Wirepoints data showing Illinois career teachers across the state retire at an average of 80K per year pensions and state public university employees retire at… ***************** This weekend’s Public Affairs’ shows features show host Jeff Berkowitz and Illinois Channel’s Executive Director Terry Martin discussing key current state and local political and... Read more »

Watch Part 2 of Berkowitz's interview w/GOP GOV Candidate- Sen. Bailey-today and tmw, Chicago, Cable; Aurora, Today & Monday, 6 pm, ACTV-10 & on the web 24/7

Watch Part 2 of Berkowitz’s interview with GOP GOV candidate Darren Bailey, airing In Chicago: This morning on Cable Ch. 21, 10:14 am and tmw morning, Cable Ch. 19, 9:44 am In Aurora at 6pm on Cable Ch. 10, aka ACTV-10: tonight and Monday night In Highland Park, 8:30 pm, Cable Ch. 19: this coming... Read more »