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Watch Berkowitz w 45 yr Journalist Charles Thomas: Chicago Mayor's race, Farrakhan & Black Nationalism, Cable & Web

Berkowitz: Black Nationalism relevant to the vote for Chicago Mayor? 45 yr Journalist Charles Thomas: $95 million to build a police academy but no millions to rebuild black self- respect. Charles Thomas: Toni Preckwinkle made herself into establishment candidate by accepting money from Ed Burke, charged by Feds w a shakedown Jeff Berkowitz: Lightfoot stands... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w former ABC-7 Newsie Charles Thomas dissect the Chicago Mayor's race: Cable & Web

Charles Thomas, as you never saw on ABC-7 News, giving you the true skinny on Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Vallas, McCarthy, Daley, Wilson,  Enyia, Chico, Lightfoot, Brown… And, telling you how the MSM misses the boat by not reporting the news with some unbiased perspective or context. Tonight’s Chicago Metro N and NW suburban edition of Public... Read more »

Berkowitz w ABC-7 journalist Charles Thomas- Presumed Innocent, Sex, Race & Perspective: Cable & Web

Journalists could have reported on the sexual assault and harassment allegations about  Judge Kavanaugh w/the perspective of the Scottsboro Boys & Emmet Till incidents [Presumed Innocent, as Scott Turow said, believed in… Also discussed is the 2019 Chicago Mayor’s race– Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Vallas, McCarthy, Daley, Wilson,  Enyia, Chico, Lightfoot, Brown… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition... Read more »

Better than Tonite’s Serafin Party;Berkowitz w/ABC-7 News' Charles Thomas on Journalism:Cable & Web

Journalists could have reported on sexual assault allegations about Judge Kavanaugh w the perspective of Scottsboro Boys & Emmet Till events but that would not have fit the  mostly left wing, biased MSM narrative… Also discussed is the 2019 Chicago Mayor’s race– Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Vallas, McCarthy, Daley, Wilson,  Enyia, Chico, Lightfoot, Brown… Tonight’s Chicago Metro... Read more »

Watch WVON's Charles Thomas w/Berkowitz on Speaker Madigan's plantation & JB Pritzker's endorsement by racists: Cable & Web

Charles Thomas: Speaker Mike Madigan was the “Master” and he had these black overseers that kept all the “Darkies” in line. Charles Thomas: I said to JB Pritzker, “You know the Building Trades Council [who Pritzker had just told us endorsed him] hires all the people who work on the construction sites, and they don’t... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's vote for Trump: Will the Governor lead Illinois?

As reported here, about five months ago, Gov. Bruce Rauner(R-Winnetka) said he would support the Presidential nominee of the Republican Party. If that were Trump, well then, Rauner would endorse Trump. Rauner implied, as the Governor and leader of the State GOP, that would be the expectation and Rauner likes to meet expectations. –Gov. Rauner... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel and Budget Director Alex Holt answering questions from Thomas, Dardick, Spielman, Berkowitz, et al

–Mayor Emanuel responding to media at the City Club of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:[after explaining to the media that he had no choice but to increase real estate taxes]  …now, in each of [the City Pension funds] we made sure in a different way that workers have to start paying for their pensions. They’re going... Read more »

Watch Governor Rauner answer questions from the Chicago media 200 days ago. Better then or Better now? Web and Cable

Tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban episode of Public Affairs features then Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner, with an introduction by show host Jeff Berkowitz, covering the top five things you should know about Bruce Rauner (Go here to read about these Top 5 items). The introduction by show host Berkowitz includes predictions, as of November 6, 2014,... Read more »

What Gov. Rauner said about pensions, his plan and the IL Supreme Court's opinion-- and what Rauner should have said

A good advisor knows his or her limitations. The Governor’s advisor should have told Gov. Rauner last Friday before his press conference: “Tell the media you are studying the Opinion and then tout the benefits of your Turnaround Agenda Plan…then quit while you are ahead.”  –What the Governor said about pensions and the IL Supreme Court’s... Read more »

Ald.[Anybody but Rahm] Fioretti endorses Rahm Emanuel and denies a quid pro quo for his endorsement

Jeff Berkowitz: Alderman, didn’t you say, “Anybody but Rahm,” before February 24. Anybody but Rahm. Didn’t you say that? Mayor Emanuel held a press conference with Ald. Fioretti yesterday afternoon at Nia restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop to showcase Ald. [and former Chicago mayoral candidate] Bob  Fioretti’s endorsement of Mayor Emanuel.   Ald. Fioretti has... Read more »