About Me


For more than 16 years, has been interviewing politicians on television (weekly) and radio; appearing as a guest to discuss politics and public policy issues on television and radio; questioning at press conferences and assessing, analyzing and discussing public policy and political issues.

For more than twelve years, has been blogging about public policy, politics, economics and legal issues at the national, Illinois, Cook County and City of Chicago level. Interested in continuing to do similar work but from a more substantial platform.

Hosted and independently produced eight hundred weekly, mostly political interview, TV shows during the last sixteen years.

Guests on Berkowitz's TV show (Public Affairs) included now President Obama, U. S. Presidential candidate and Gov. Bill Richardson; U. S. Senators Kirk, McCain, Durbin, Simon, Moseley-Braun, Speaker Mike Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, Republican IL State Senate Leader Radogno, Republican State House Leader Durkin, more than one hundred members of the IL House of Representatives and State Senate, dozens of Chicago City Council members, about a dozen Cook County board members,  more  than 20 U. S. Representatitves, IL Governors and gubernatorial candidates, novelists, six UChicago Booth Business school economics professors, several UChicago and Northwestern University law school professors and dozens of media members

Appeared on Fox News Channel's O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes tv shows

Appeared in Fall, 2008 on the New York Times website as the subject of a five minute video by the New York Times about Barack Obama and Jeff Berkowitz's six TV interview shows with Obama

•Appeared as a guest dealing with the intersection of political, economics,  legal, financial and other issues dozens of times on Chicago commercial and public radio.

• Attended and asked questions at various Presidential candidate press conferences, including those held by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and John Edwards; dozens of U. S. Senate, House of Representative and IL gubernatorial candidate and office-holder press conferences.

Conducted approximately five hours of video interviews with Barack Obama, including six one half hour one-on-one TV interview shows.

• Contributing Correspondent for the Illinois Channel, 2006 to Present.

• Expertise includes politics, economics, law, business, national, state and local public policy issues

• Practiced law in Chicago, IL  in the areas of business litigation, antitrust and financial regulation.

Owned and operated a legal recruiting company doing retained and contingent searches for partners, associates and in-house counsel (including Fortune 1000 General Counsel searches) and outplacement for law firms and corporate law departments

• Holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics and Holds a law degree.