Watch Part 1 of Berkowitz's two part interview w/Pastor Corey Brooks on why Woodlawn, Chatham & Englewood need a $35 million Center, Web / Cable

“Pastor Brooks believes his new $35 million Center will help transform gangbangers into responsible adult members of their community…”

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Part 1 of our interview with Pastor Brooks airs on cable in Chicago:

  • Tonight, 10:29 pm Ch  21 (CAN TV), as the 2nd segment  of a 2 hour IL Channel package. The package airs around the state this week on various outlets at various times.
  • Saturday morning, 10:29 am, Ch 21 (as the 2nd segment of the package)
  • Sunday morning, 9:59 am, Ch 19 (as the 2nd segment of the package)

The show focuses on Brooks’ plans for a $35 million Center to give new hope for tens of thousands living in Woodlawn and nearby areas on Chicago’s South Side.   

Brooks believes the new “Leadership and Economic Opportunity Center” will help transform gangbangers into responsible adult members of their community, who will work in legitimate jobs to take care of themselves while developing the character and values needed to take care of their families and themselves.        

These new leaders will learn from the Center not only a trade, a business or how to be an entrepreneur but, as Pastor Brooks said, but also learn values such as “How life will be so much better for their babies if they wait until they have a wife before they start a family.”

Young kids, adolescents and adults in the south side communities will participate in the same ordinary day to day activities of their middle- class peers across the city and state. These activities will include after school sports, clubs, and help with their academic studies, as well as help with getting or continuing jobs and vocational and other careers for the adults.

And, the help will extend to wrap-around services and counseling for ex-offenders who are ready to re-enter society and to take advantage of the “second chance,” being offered them.

Pastor Brooks has raised $11 million toward the Center in the last few months. He has lived out of a tent– no bathroom, no shower– on a make-shift roof top on the vacant site for the New Center across from his Church (at 66th and King Drive) for more than 100 days, getting many CEOs to spend a night or a lunch with him on the roof top. Brooks has vowed to stay on the roof until he has raised the entire $35 million needed to complete the Center.

Will the CEOs and perhaps politicians and office holders pitch in and find 24 million more dollars for Brooks’ Leadership and Economic Opportunity Center?

Watch this coming week’s Part 1 and the following week’s Part 2 of show host Berkowitz’s interview with Pastor Brooks to start answering those questions.          

Brooks, Part 1 also airs this week in:

  • Aurora: Wed. & Saturday, 6 pm, Ch 10 and
  • Rockford: & nearby suburbs, Thursday, 8:30 pm, Ch. 17


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