Watch Paul Vallas discuss how he would take on the teachers' union in Chicago, vigorously support and implement school choice, hold the line on city property taxes and deal w/Chicago’s massive pension shortfall: Cable and Web

Watch Paul Vallas, Part 2, 24/7 by clicking here.

This week’s “Public Affairs” show features Part 2 of Berkowitz’s two part interview w/ Paul Vallas, a possible candidate for Chicago Mayor, who says he is close to “Green lighting” a decision to run and who is confident the funding will be there for him to get out his message in a vigorous February, 2023 election contest.  

Part 2 focuses on Vallas (1) fixing CPS’ failing performance in large part by empowering parents and communities with a strong school choice program that gives parents quality alternatives to improve student learning, (2) taking a firm stand to hold the line on property taxes and (3) aggressively moving to stop the city’s continuing fiscal decline which many say is dominated by out of control public sector pensions.   

You can watch 24/7 Part 2 of Berkowitz’s April 12 interview with Paul Vallas by clicking here.

You can also watch 24/7 Part 1 of the interview with Paul Vallas, which focuses on solving Chicago skyrocketing crime problem, by clicking here


The show featuring Vallas, who spent almost two decades focusing on big city school systems, and who also has a strong background on crime and city budget solutions, airs on cable in Chicago:

  • Monday night, 8:30 pm and midnight, Ch 21 (CAN TV)
  • Tuesday night, 9:02 pm, Ch 21, as the lead segment of the two hour IL Channel package, 9 pm- 11 pm. 
  • Saturday morning, 9:02 am, Ch 21, as the lead segment of the Illinois Channel package.
  • Sunday morning, 8:32 am, Ch 19, as the lead segment of the Illinois Channel package

And also airs this week in:

  • Aurora: Wed. & Saturday, 6 pm, Ch 10 and in
  • Rockford: & nearby suburbs, Thursday night, 8:30 pm, Ch. 17

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