Paul Vallas, close to becoming a candidate for Chicago Mayor? Watch Vallas discuss w/Berkowitz how to fix Chicago's skyrocketing crime problem, Cable & Web

Paul Vallas: “On any given day…80 to 90 % of violent offenders…are walking the streets…the Community doesn’t feel protected.”

This week’s “Public Affairs” show features Part 1 of Berkowitz’s interview with Paul Vallas, close to “Green lighting” a decision to run for Chicago Mayor.

Part 1 of the interview devoted EXCLUSIVELY to Vallas’ crime fixes. Part 2 (next week) focuses on Vallas’ fixes of CPS’ failing performance and city fiscal disasters, including property taxes and public sector pensions.   

You can watch the show 24/7 by clicking here:

The show featuring Vallas also airs on cable in Chicago:

  • Tonight, 8:30 pm and midnight, Ch 21 (CAN TV)
  • Tomorrow night, 9:02 pm, Ch 21 (as the lead segment of the two hour IL Channel package, 9 pm- 11 pm. 
  • Saturday morning, 9:02 am, Ch 21 and
  • Sunday morning 8:32 am, Ch 19.

The program also airs this week in:

  • Aurora: Tonight, Wed. & Saturday,  6 pm, Ch 10 and
  • Rockford: & nearby suburbs, Thursday night, 8:30 pm, Ch. 17

Vallas, Part 1, also airs next week in 25 Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburbs (Tuesday night, 8:30 pm, Ch 19 & ch 35) and in Highland Park (Monday and Wednesday nights, 8:30 pm, Ch 19). Please check back here this weekend for airing schedule specifics.  

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