Watch Berkowitz and Martin: Will Aurora Mayor Irvin join IL Governor's contest in early 2022? Will Ken Griffin spend hundreds of millions to give IL a new Governor who will restore public safety and fiscal sanity? Did Dems' prosecutor Foxx & Chief Judge Evans cause massive increase in homicides & shootings by abusing their discretion? Cable & web

_ Could Pritzker lose the Governor’s mansion while hoping to move to the White House?

Will Ken Griffin give the GOP or a Gov candidate $300 million needed to elect a Governor, statewide candidates, and legislative candidates?

Martin: “Who cares if Mayor Irvin  voted for a Democrat. It’s immaterialReagan was a Dem before becoming a Republican.”  

Berkowitz: Media should put a mike in Irvin’s face and ask: “What do you think about Teachers unions closing down public schools again?”

You can watch the show about Pritzker, Irvin, Griffin, et al 24/7 by clicking here

This weekend’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs ushers in the New Year with Jeff and Terry discussing IL & national politics; local Chicago mainstream media late to the Party? Inflation highest in 40 years: gas prices up 60%, used car prices up 30%, utility gas service up 25% and food prices up 6%.

Is inflation now a kitchen table headache for Gov Pritzker? Has he been in the White House supporting President Biden more than VP Harris.

Chicago & Cook County homicides and shootings up sharply during the last 2 years: Are State’s Attorney Foxx and Gov Pritzker in danger of losing their jobs?

You can watch it all in Chicago as the first half hour of the 2 hour block of Illinois Channel programming.

This morning, 9 am, Cable Ch 21 (CAN TV).

Tomorrow morning, 8:30 am, Cable Ch 19 (CAN TV)

You can also watch the show 24/7 and Watch NOW by clicking here, or:   

-In Aurora tonight, Monday & Wednesdsay at 6 pm on ACTV-10, aka Cable Ch. 10

Watch Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin discuss:

–Is inflation out of control because U. S. Gov spent four trillion dollars in the last 20 months and the market fears Biden might succeed in spending two trillion more? or

Or, will inflation decline because Biden’s Build Back Bitter failed to pass last year and maybe the failure will continue through-out 2022, and maybe even forever if the GOP takes control of one and maybe two chambers of congress in 2022?

— Will Ken Griffin give the GOP or a specific candidate $300 million so GOP can elect a Governor, one or more statewide candidates and multiple legislative candidates?

-Watch clip of Berkowitz interviewing Stephanie Trussell (now Senator Bailey’s IL Lt. Gov. running mate) in 2019 (at 8:05 to 8:40 into the show) about her long time support for school vouchers- school choice.

Berkowitz: Some media member should put a mike in Mayor Irvin’s face and ask him: “What do you think about [Teachers unions] closing down public schools again?” That is way more important than how he voted in a primary.

Martin: “That’s exactly right… Who cares if he voted in a Primary for a Democrat? It’s immaterial… Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before he became a Republican.”  

Berkowitz and Martin discuss Dan Webb’s report, made public this week. Berkowitz: “… Maybe Foxx could be disciplined for her abuse of discretion and lose her “State’s Attorney Job.”

–Berkowitz: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (D-Chicago’s 19th Ward)  blames the continued violent carjacking carnage on auto manufacturers, while ignoring- with WGN’s Paul Lisnik- State’s Attorney Foxx’s choice not to prosecute juvenile carjackers as adults, to prosecute violent offenders hardly at all, and the massive increase in electronic monitoring to try, unsuccessfully, to keep track of violent criminals released from jail under Judge Evans’ policy of having bail judges require no or low bail for frequent violent offenders.

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