Watch: will IL’s soaring crime, taxes, public sector pension liabilities & abuse of parents by the IL State Board of Education and teachers' unions make Pritzker a one term Gov? on Cable/Web.

Key GOV Race issues:

Better than Jake Tapper’s State of the Union, Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin discuss the State of Illinois and the key IL 2022 gubernatorial election issues: soaring violent crime (especially in Chicago), skyrocketing IL property taxes, falling IL home property values, imploding IL public sector pensions (now a $110K liability for the average IL household) and IL teachers’ unions controlling education for their own purposes while ignoring IL parental preferences and input.

Worse, the public schools give students too much sex education– especially for grade school- and too little effective education for the basics: reading, writing, mathematics and true civics- that most Americans hold dear (not the lies that America’s and IL’s governments and judicial systems are currently dominated by pervasive systemic racism).

The Public Affairs episode, described above, airs:

This morning (Sunday) In Chicago, at 8:30 am on Cable Ch 19 (CAN TV) as the first 30 minute segment of the Illinois Channel’s two hour package (Opposite the 2nd half of Jake Tapper’s 8 am SOTU)

24/7, Watch the show by clicking here.

-This Monday and Wednesday in Highland Park, 8:30 , cable Ch. 19


Berkowitz and Martin ask what has Governor Pritzker done about the above-referenced issues in three years and what have the four GOP Gov candidates proposed as solutions or antidotes to Pritzker’s policies or failure to address those issues. 

Is Pritzker proud of promoting Critical Race Theory as a major theme of IL Education and the idea that America, American Government and the IL Government always have and still do embody systemic racism?

Does Pritzker’s IL State Board of Education indoctrinate teachers and students by issuing edicts about:

(1) what to think as opposed to helping teachers engage their students on “How to think.”

(2) the Illinois State Board of Education thesis that IL and the United States are dominated by systemic racism, white privilege and oppression of blacks and Latinos.?

Will Pritzker tout his systemic racism thesis as he runs for re-election? Will that propaganda play in Peoria and with IL’s suburban moms?

How have GOP gubernatorial candidates Senator Darren Bailey, former Senator Paul Schimpf, businessman Gary Rabine and venture capitalist Jesse Sullivan reacted to Gov. Pritzker calling IL Government and the great majority of Illinoisans systemically racist?

IL’s $530 billion public sector pension shortfall:

Also included in the show is a discussion and clips from a Wirepoints Facebook Live discussion (See summary here) of IL’s $530 billion State and cities’ pension shortfall, which translates into an average pension liability of $110,000 per IL Household. Berkowitz asks is that huge pension liability for future IL taxpayers a barrier to IL attracting businesses and population from our competitor states, all of which have much lower pension liabilities.

Also included in the show are video clips of IL GOP Gov Candidates Bailey, Rabine, Schimpf and Sullivan commenting on the IL pension liability issue, as well as other important gubernatorial issues for the primary and general election.

Mayor Richard Irvin entering IL GOP GOV primary? 

Finally, Berkowitz suggests that Richard Irvin, the African-American Mayor of IL’s 2nd largest city, Aurora, may enter the GOP GOV race, and that could shake things up quite a bit, for the IL GOP GOV Primary on June 28, 2022 and possibly the IL Gubernatorial General Election in November, 2022.   

Will Ken Griffin finance a $100 million GOV campaign of Mayor Richard Irvin? of any of the other current or potential GOP GOV candidates?

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