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Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Jeff and Terry discussing the national and IL political pathologies, summarized below.

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Watch Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin give you the news, with insights, that the mainstream media just won’t tell you:

– Is inflation out of control cuz the Federal Reserve has been out of control and inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.

— or is inflation out of control cuz the U. S. Gov fiscal policy has spent 4 trillion dollars in the last 20 months and is about to spend 2 to 4 trillion more?

— Are Federal Government deficits now running at $2 trillion per year?

— will inflation, now at 6.2% per year, get worse before it gets better? Why? Cuz monetary policy lags are long and variable?

–Are IL Property Taxes completely out of control? If yes, why?  

–Is it crazy for Gov Pritzker and his Dem Party to have embarked on vaccinating 2 million IL school kids (and keeping them masked) when only 27 IL kids under 20 years old have died from Covid, and most of the deaths (and hospitalized) were associated with pre-existing conditions

— Nonsensical to require masking all IL indoor employees and store visitors when those who are vaccinated (and they are a large percentage of the total) are at little risk of death or serious illness due to Covid?

–  What’s the lesson of VA GOP GOV candidate Glenn Youngkin’s big win for the IL Gov race and could the GOP GOV field of four double to eight?

– Could the VA Gov race lessons  help the GOP win the Gov’s race in IL?

– Are any of the four current GOP GOV candidates getting any traction?

— Could Adam Kinsinger, Rodney Davis, Kirk Dillard or Todd Ricketts (part owner of the Chicago Cubs) be the next person to enter the GOP GOV Primary?

— Will Ken Griffin give the GOP $100 million to elect one or more statewide candidates and multiple legislative candidates?

– Is it time to send IL kids back to school unmasked? Will it ever be? 

–Is it time to send almost all IL employees- and certainly those who are vaccinated- back to in-person work unmasked?

— Is it deceptive of Gov Pritzker not to tell IL’s citizens that IL Covid19  Hospitalizations have declined from a high of 6200 to its current level of about 1500? Why would the Gov want to deceive the citizens he serves?   


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