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Someone has to remind Gov Pritzker Chicago is in IL and rampant street crime there is his problem, too, and he has to roll up his sleeves and try to solve it… ” GOP Candidate Jesse Sullivan, Part 2

Part 2 of our Jesse Sullivan, GOP GOV Primary candidate interview airs tonight in Chicago at 8:30 pm and Midnight, cable Ch 21 (CAN TV)  

And you can watch Part 2 of the Sullivan interview 24/7 by clicking here.

You can also watch Part 1 of the GOP GOV candidate Sullivan interview 24/7, by clicking here. 


  • “No. 1, just the morale side of our law enforcement- to say, thank you [to police] …for every day sacrificing for …our communities– and that is a message I will be delivering loud and clear…”
  • “Some people say, if you are supporting law enforcement… you are against our minority communities…[but] my wife is Hispanic, our kids are [Hispanic]- like we have [a] black foster daughter.”
  • “In 95% of Chicago’s homicides, minorities were the victims. If you love people, you will want to keep our streets safe…so supporting law enforcement, that’s one of the central issues of our campaign. We cannot be a city of crime and still attract the businesses of the future here to Chicago.”

[From 17:24-18:52, part 2 of the Berkowitz interview of Jesse Sullivan, GOP GOV candidate, airing on “Public Affairs” and the Illinois Channel


Gov Candidate Sullivan: “Indiana has grown 1700 % more over the last decade than IL …It’s because of high taxes, public corruption and crime…You have to be a business-friendly state [From Part 1 of Jeff Berkowitz’s interview w/Jesse Sullivan (Public Affairs), 20:02-20:46]


Part 1 Interview topics for the show featuring Gov Candidate Sullivan include:

  • Who GOP Gov Candidate Jesse Sullivan is at his core.
  • Fixing the Illinois $420 billion pension shortfall.
  • Addressing what most view as excessive IL public sector salaries and pensions.
  • IL’s way above average K-12 education spending- relative to our neighbors.
  • Significant public school performance failures, especially as to serving students in families with low-income parents.
  • Alternative ways to educate IL’s children, such as in charter schools, private schools & voucher schools.
  • Illinois’ decade, or longer, significant individual and business out-migration.    

GOP Gov Candidate Jesse Sullivan also discusses his approach to achieving reforms of State Government in a heavily, Democrat dominated state, where the Democratic Party holds most of the State’s political power and generally opposes most if not all fiscal, educational and healthcare reforms backed by the GOP.

Topics discussed in Part 2 of Berkowitz’s interview with GOV candidate Jesse Sullivan (R-Petersburg, IL) include:

-Gov Pritzker’s failure to protect the most vulnerable (elderly and those with pre-existing conditions) from Covid19?

-Gov Pritzker’s discrimination against small businesses in lockdowns?

-Gov Pritzker’s failure to protect citizens from violent street crime?

-How to work in a very blue state to reduce the number of abortions.

-The importance of assisting mothers in pre-natal, birth and post birth healthcare?

-The meaning of multi-million-dollar IL gubernatorial campaign contributions to Jesse Sullivan?

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