Watch Berkowitz w/2014 and potential 2022 GOP GOV Primary Candidate Sen. Dillard & Gov Edgar re Dillard’s 2014 views on IL pension reform, teachers’ unions & much more. Has Dillard Changed? Has IL GOP? Cable & Web

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Watch Berkowitz and others question former State Sen. Dillard (R-Hinsdale) and Gov. Edgar re Sen. Dillard’s views on pension reform, ethics, Gov. Rauner and other matters and also a blast from the past: gone but not forgotten- then GOP GOV primary candidate Rauner during the run-up to the 2014 GOP Primary election.

Senator Dillard, now viewed as a moderate, is weighing joining the current field of four candidates in the GOP GOV primary- a crop of four that skews conservative. Dillard said recently some businessmen and politicians want him to consider a run.  

Also, Jesse Sullivan, a 37 year old venture capitalist (CEO and Founder, Alter Global)  from downstate IL confirmed publicly in the last few weeks what has been rumored for two months- that he is also weighing joining the GOP GOV primary field, and seems likely to decide a course of action soon.  

Sullivan has a Stanford MBA and a Master’s from Oxford in Global Governance and Diplomacy and is twice a valedictorian, with some Jesuit undergraduate training.

Sullivan, in contrast to Dillard’s look back, may remind some of JFK’s New Frontier. Is Illinois ready to turn the corner on IL’s tired patronage politics of the Democratic Party and failed policies of the past two decades, especially on IL’s inner city education failures, disastrous public sector pension excesses and shortfalls, and worst in the nation property taxes and excessive education spending.

Could Jesse Sullivan bring dynamic, intellectual dexterity and articulate, thoughtful reform ideas to the IL Gov Race- which could be novel and key traits in the primary and general elections.

Jesse Sullivan resides with his wife and four young kids in Petersburg, IL, which is about a half hour out of Springfield, IL.              

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