Berkowitz w/ Chicago GOP Chair Steve Boulton on insuring voter rights, ballot integrity and preventing voting fraud in elections, Cable & Web

Tonight’s Chicago edition of Public Affairs celebrates our nation’s 245th birthday, featuring guest Steve Boulton, Chair, Chicago Republican Party discussing with show host Berkowitz how best to insure fair and honest democratic elections

The show airs in the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV).

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The Berkowitz- Boulton discussion was taped just two days before the U. S. Supreme Court issued a ruling on Thursday of this past week upholding the Arizona election law in the Brnovich 6-3 decision that significantly curtailed the potential for ballot harvesting and required votes cast outside of the voter’s precinct to be discarded.

Tonight’s show discussion should give viewers some perspective to understand and assess the Supreme Court’s opinion.  Specifically, the Court, going forward seems much more likely to find a “compelling need” rationale persuasive in explaining and justifying a state legislature’s actions with respect to electoral legislation.

Further the Court looked at the “Totality of circumstances,” and noted the equality of openness and expansive opportunities for voting given to both minorities and majorities in Arizona in reaching its decision that affirmed the District Court’s finding of a lack of a racially discriminatory intent by the Arizona legislature.

Election laws have recently been changed in other states, including Georgia and Florida, and as in Arizona, some argue those election laws are designed to discourage minority voting, are discriminatory against minorities and violate the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Others, including the majorities in the legislatures in those states disagree and argue the laws are designed to prevent fraud and insure ballot integrity and security.   

The Department of Justice 10 days ago filed a lawsuit against Georgia arguing on similar grounds to those argued by the Democratic Party in the lawsuit involving Arizona that the new Georgia election law violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Georgia will of course argue it’s law was constitutional and not illegal, in part because Georgia has a compelling need to prohibit voter fraud and moreover, the law had neither a racially discriminatory intent nor effect, all of which the Supreme Court found in it’s decision this past week upholding the Arizona law as constitutional .  

We explore the above and other issues with attorney Boulton, an expert in voting laws and regulations, and provide a foundation for understanding some of the likely benign motivations of the Georgia legislators- even though our show was taped two days before the Supreme Court handed down it’s decision in the Arizona case.

In what may be determined to be an almost if not actual ethical lapse, Biden’s Attorney General Garland signed off on beginning a war on Georgia’s legislature and perhaps other state legislature’s without waiting a week to learn about (from the decision that was surely imminent) and study the Court’s forward guidance in Brnovich. It was almost as if the Attorney General wanted to be ignorant of the Supreme Court’s emerging Constitutional Docrtine as he approved of his DOJ rushing to judgment in it’s attempt to get its lawsuit out the door and filed before the Supreme Court ruled on the Democratic Party’s challenge to the Arizona election law.

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