Watch Berkowitz w/GOP GOV Candidate, Rabine, Part 2, making IL a jobs, safe streets, fiscally sound & destination state again. Tonight in Chicago, rest of week elsewhere, Cable & Web

Watch in Chicago Tonight’s “Public Affairs,” show [Rabine, Part 2, 8:30 pm & midnite, Ch 21 ] with host Jeff Berkowitz interviewing GOP Gov Candidate Gary Rabine (R-Woodstock) [Rabine formally announces his candidacy in Schaumburg tomorrow] about law and order, high property taxes, tax theft, attracting jobs, avoiding lock-downs and other issues facing the State and it’s people. Tonight’s show was recorded on January 12, 2021.

Rabine said in Part 1 of this two part series that he was then 80% likely to run for Governor.  

You give us 30 minutes and Gary Rabine gives you tonight a roadmap to make IL the kind of state that he thinks employers, employees and your kids would choose to continue residing in or return to- if they have left for greener and more citizen friendly pastures.     

Tonight’s show airs thorough-out the City of Chicago proper on Cable Ch 21 (CAN TV) at 8:30 pm and midnight;

You can also watch 24/7 the show featuring ditchdigger CEO Gary Rabine, Part 2, by clicking here.

You can watch 24/7 the show featuring ditchdigger CEO Gary Rabine, Part 1, by clicking here.

Tomorrow night’s episode of Public Affairs (Rabine, Part 2) airs at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Ch. 19 or Cable Ch. 35 (See, below) in 25 North and Northwest Chicago metro suburbs:

Comcast Cable Ch. 19 in Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, parts of Inverness, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Northfield, Palatine, Rolling Meadows and Wilmette and on

—Comcast Cable Ch. 35 in  Arlington Heights, Bartlett, Glenview, Golf, Des Plaines, Hanover Park, Mt. Prospect, Northbrook, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Schaumburg, Skokie, Streamwood and Wheeling.

You can also watch Part 2 of the show featuring self-made, successful businessman and GOP Gov primary candidate Gary Rabine

–in Rockford and surrounding suburbs this Thursday night on Cable ch. 17 at 8:30 pm

–in Aurora this Wednesday, Saturday and next Monday at 6 pm on ACTV-10, also known as Cable Ch 10 and Aurora Community Television

–in Highland Park next week on Monday and Wednesday night at 8: :30 pm on Cable Ch. 19.

You can also watch 24/7 the show featuring ditchdigger CEO Gary Rabine, Part 2, by clicking here:

Summary of tonight’s show with Gary Rabine: 

Gary Rabine, likely Republican Gov candidate says it’s time to “Make Illinois a Destination State again.”

Rabine climbed the business ladder of success:

Right after graduating from High School, Gary entered the  entrepreneurial business world by starting a business- paving drive ways in Lake and McHenry counties- in Northeast IL.   

Now, at the top of his game, Gary Rabine is still “A Ditchdigger CEO” but he currently leads eleven small and medium sized companies, employing more than three hundred hard working, high spirited teammates- who share Gary’s tremendous desire to compete to provide the best possible services to their customers.

Rabine promises to make Illinois streets safe again:

In this week’s Part 2 show, Gary Rabine discusses at length how, as Governor, he would have done much more during the summer of 2020 than Gov. Pritzker did to protect the lives, livelihoods, hard earned property and jobs of Illinois’ citizens from looters and rioters.

Rabine emphasizes the importance of supporting law and order- and the police who enforce that law and order. He acknowledges that maybe one per cent of police are not performing well and should be disciplined, and/or removed from the force.

Respect the police- no more “Police stand-downs:” 

But, Rabine says, the great majority of police deserve the support of the citizens and the Governor. The Governor, mayors and police chiefs, Rabine says, must work together to enforce law and order, not tell their police to “Stand down,” as apparently happened during the summer of 2020, when public officials let looters and rioters run wild, stealing from stores and destroying property, jobs and lives at will. He would never go along with that, he said, as Governor.

Rabine will attract people and jobs to IL by competing: 

In 2022, Gary plans to offer his strong competitive and entrepreneurial spirit to IL- so it can compete with states, adjacent and far away, to “Kick ass,” and attract citizens to come to Illinois, after Gary has persuaded the Legislature to make reforms, making IL the land of:

–low property and low income taxes,

–safe streets, cities and villages,

— high performing schools (chosen by parents from a menu of charter, private voucher and traditional neighborhood schools),

–solid private sector job opportunities, and

–reformed and fiscally sound government budgets.

Rabine would restructure IL’s pension liabilities:

In part 1 of this 2 part series w/Gary Rabine, he spoke of  amending IL’s Constitution to permit its Governor and Legislature to negotiate w/unions a restructuring of the State’s and Cities’ massive $400 billion in pension liabilities to a more livable level.

Rabine will end Tax Theft:

In this week’s Part 2, candidate for Governor Rabine talks about ending “Tax Theft.” Gary says Illinois’ taxpayers understand why they have to pay the national average amount of property taxes, about one per cent of their property’s value.

Rabine says Illinois’ citizens would be good with that.  But, the 56 year old entrepreneur said they don’t want to pay two or three times the national average for property taxes, which is the current Illinois Property tax level, i.e., 2% or 3% of their property’s value. That’s theft by high taxes- or tax theft, said Rabine.

Rabine: Open IL’s economy and schools:

In part 1 of the two shows, Rabine discussed how science and data supported keeping IL’s economy and schools safely open last year- and he emphasized that he would never have “Shut down the IL economy and schools,” as Gov. Pritzker did. That shut down, by keeping many citizens essentially locked and depressed in their homes, exacerbated the riots and looting last summer in IL, said Rabine in Part 2. Now, says Rabine, it’s time to repair the damage from Gov. Pritzker’s mistake- and open Illinois’ schools and economy.     

 A time to Lead?

Gary Rabine, Ditchdigger CEO, will try to fix IL by making a run for Gov, and he is planning to announce his Gov candidacy formally tomorrow in Schaumburg, one of the main offices for the Rabine Group. 


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