Berkowitz w/GOP GOV Candidate Paul Schimpf, part 2, in Chicago this morning and Sunday; and in Aurora tonight & Monday; and the Web, Always

Schimpf indicts Governor Pritzker for overdoing IL lock-downs of the economy (Too many, too much and too long). Schimpf argues those actions by the Governor were supported neither by the science, nor the data…

This morning’s Public Affairs’ show in Chicago features Paul Schimpf, who became one month ago the first announced candidate in the GOP 2022 Republican Primary for Governor. The program airs at 9:03 am on Cable Ch 21 (CAN TV) and repeats tomorrow morning at 8:33 am on Cable Ch 19 (CAN TV).

You can also watch here the show featuring GOP GOV candidate and Lt. Col. Paul Schimpf (Ret.) in Part 2 of his interview by show host Berkowitz.

You can also watch 24/7 Part 1 of Berkowitz’s Schimpf interview (focusing on the $400 Billion IL Gov pension liability issue) by clicking here.

The program featuring Schimpf also airs in Aurora tonight and this Monday at 6 pm on ACTV-10, also known as Cable Ch 10 and Aurora Community Television.

The program featuring GOP GOV candidate Schimpf also airs in Rockford this Thursday night, 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Ch 17.

Paul Schimpf (R-Waterloo) , who graduated from the Naval Academy and spent 20 years in the U. S. Marine Corps, retired in 2013 as a Lt. Col. and soon thereafter was the 2014 Republican nominee for Attorney General, taking on Lisa Madigan, a 12 year incumbent, and getting outspent and beat handily.

But, Schimpf recovered quickly, beating former Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon, the daughter of the late and storied U. S. Senator Paul Simon (also a former guest of Public Affairs), although Schimpf was again outspent big time, for a downstate Senate seat in 2016.

You can also watch here the show featuring GOP GOV candidate and Lt. Col. Schimpf (Ret.) discuss his experience as an advisor to Iraqi prosecutors and also as a Marine who helped “Collect the witnesses” from some very dangerous areas when in 2005 Saddam Hussein was tried for war crimes and other crimes against his people.

U. S. Marine Schimpf carried a 9 millimeter Beretta most of the time in Iraq, and when needed, he also had an M-16.

Schimpf also discusses how his military experience in solving complex problems (like gaining control of machine gun nests) prepared him for being Governor of Illinois.

Substantively, Schimpf focuses on how he would prosecute politically, not criminally, Gov. Pritzker during a gubernatorial campaign for his failure to protect the most vulnerable to Covid– the elderly, those often with pre-existing conditions, in nursing, long-term care and retirement homes and Vets at long term care facilities, as at LaSalle.

Schimpf also indicts the Governor for overdoing (Too many, too much and too long) lock-downs. Schimpf argues that philosophy of the Governor was supported neither by the science, nor the data, and noted by Schimpf as early as April, 2020. Moreover, Schimpf argues that mis-judgement by Gov. Pritzker hurt the physical health, core livelihoods and economic well-being, more broadly, of the people of IL tremendously.

Schimpf, who is Pro-Life, talks of trying to change the culture in IL to make abortions “Unthinkable,” even if they might have to remain legal.

GOP GOV Candidate Schimpf is also critical of the Governor for the extremely long delays incurred by IL citizens when they seek to obtain FOID cards, necessary for them to possess guns lawfully.

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