Watch this morning in Chicago on Cable (9:16am, Ch 19) (& on Web), Berkowitz & Martin w cameos by Jason Riley, Shelby Steele, Ted Dabrowski, Paul Vallas & Rep. Welch on City, IL & Nat'l public policy issues

Watch Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin, Executive Director of the Illinois Channel discuss this morning on cable- 9:16 am, Ch. 21 (CAN TV)  in Chicago and on the web (24/7) key City, State and National Public Policy issues. The half hour show was taped on June 19.


You can also watch 24/7 the show featuring Jeff and Terry by clicking here.


Terry and Jeff discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. Black Lives certainly should and do matter. But, what are the demands of the BLM movement? And, are those demands feasible and good or bad for America. State Rep. Chris Welch (D-Chicago), in a cameo, tells us what some of those demands are.

Jason Riley (WSJ and Manhattan Institute), in a cameo, discusses some of what he calls the foolish things Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said about slavery. Shelby Steele (Hoover Institution) in a cameo urges blacks to stop crying “Racism,” and start taking control of their own destiny, rejecting more than a half century of liberalism dominating the pitiful state of many American inner cities, controlled in large part by Democratic Party politicians.

Terry and Jeff also dig into the lessons, subtleties and differences of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks murder cases.

Jeff & Terry also discuss the surging Chicago shootings and gun homicides in the first half of 2020, and especially on the Father’s Day Weekend (102 shootings, 14 homicides- including 4 children).

Since most of those crimes are black on black, Jeff & Terry ask what few MSM journalists ask: DO THOSE BLACK LIVES MATTER and where are the protests, if they do.

Further, where are the demands for accountability of State and Local politicians and officials such as Mayor Lightfoot, State’s Attorney Foxx, Cook County Board President Preckwinkle, Chief Judge Evans and Police Supt. Brown to stop those terrible criminal acts visited on blacks by blacks.

Ted Dabrowski and Paul Vallas have cameos discussing the extreme short-term and long-term fiscal messes of Chicago and Illinois governments,   and how to fix them, including the State’s $420 billion pension hole for State. City, County and Village employees.

Wirepoints charts  have cameos that are used during the show to discuss what the State and Feds did wrong on dealing with Covid19 and the how best to deal with Covid19 and the re-openings of the economy and the schools.

Gov Pritzker also has a cameo on the current IL re-opening of the economy and the fall re-opening of the IL schools for 2 million kids.

Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin chime in all of the above topics, including comments on the cameos.

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