As Chicago has yet more lootings and riots, and record homicides and shootings, Republican SA Candidate O'Brien verbally pummels Dem State's Attorney Foxx for her failure to prosecute serious criminals, Cable & Web

Watch Pat O’Brien, Republican Nominee for Cook County State’s Attorney, accuse SA Kim Foxx of being MIA during the June riots and lootings that destroyed thousands of jobs, mostly minority on the south & west sides of Chicago, as well as many jobs in the Loop and Cook County suburbs.

The show airs tonight in Chicago at 8:3o pm and Midnight, Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV).

You can also watch 24/7 the show featuring Judge Pat O’Brien, Cook County State’s Attorney candidate and cameos of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx by clicking here:

Judge O’Brien attributes the dramatic surge in shootings and homicides in Chicago during the first seven months of 2020, and especially during the last two months, to Kim Foxx’s weak leadership of the 800 lawyers in her office to prosecute violent crime.


CC State’s Attorney candidate Pat O’Brien dissects: 

–Cameos of Foxx discussing her “Social justice warrior” lax law enforcement views and sympathies with looters. 

–State’s Attorney Foxx’s weak prosecution of homicides and shootings in Chicago and the suburbs.

–The lessons & subtleties of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks murder cases (But, at the time of the taping, charges had not been filed against several of the accused police officers).

Foxx’s MIA status- hanging out in the suburbs, never showing up for work at her Loop office from March 18 to May 30.

–Foxx’s decision to close the Domestic Violence courts (vital for protecting women from violent, abusive spouses) with Kim Foxx ultimately ordered by Chief Judge Evans to re-open those courts.

— a Foxx video sympathizing with looters who she laments “Had to climb over glass to steal things in the Loop they couldn’t afford in their own neighborhoods.”

— the lack of a coordinated, effective plan by SA Foxx, Mayor Lightfoot and CPD Supt. Brown to deal with riots and lootings in Chicago and suburbs, resulting in a police stand-down ordered by the Mayor or police chief while thieves looted at will and again just last night.


Watch Judge O’Brien discuss with “Public Affairs” show host Jeff Berkowitz the above and conclude with O’Brien’s thoughts about a possible indictment of Kim Foxx resulting from Special Prosecutor Dan Webb’s investigation of Foxx– for dismissing, with little or no rational basis, the criminal case Foxx filed against Jussie Smollett.

You can also watch 24/7 the show featuring Judge Pat O’Brien, Republican nominee for Cook County State’s Attorney, and cameos of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx by clicking here:

Although the Show with Pat O’Brien, Republican nominee for Cook County State’s Attorney, was taped on June 17, 2020, it is just as relevant today as it was two months ago.  The O’Brien-Foxx State’s Attorney of Cook County vote is on November 3, 2020

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